Visby Harbour
Gotland houses

I posted some photos from Visby yesterday, showing you some views of the ringwall. But I took a lot more photos on my trip to Gotland! I came home this morning after traveling through the night and I’m still tired so I thought I’d just share some more photos from Visby – the town where everything is so pretty. Everywhere you look you see cute doors, houses, windows, trees and benches…

Taking photos when I visit a new place, and later looking through them, makes me happy. I snap because I see something that interests me, but then I don’t know what to do with the photos. Maybe a photo book?

Tripp trapp trull
I’m thinking each trip should really be a photo book, but of course the question is if I need another book project right now?

Row of houses
Having the camera with you as you walk around makes you stop more often, look closer and notice in another way.

Trees in early spring
Every tree you see is beautiful.

Every house has at east one detail that is interesting.

Narrow street
Some streets has both interesting names – and signs with beautiful typography…

Lonely chair
There is a lot to see in the world, even when you travel within your own country.

Do you take a lot of pictures when you travel too? What do you do with all your travel photos? I would love to get some ideas.