Embroidered Heart
Who doesn’t want (and need!) a stuffed heart of their own? I think everyone needs such a thing, as a reminder of the many good things that excist in the world. Like friendship. Togetherness. Good craft times. Belly laughs. And love. oh, and pink hearts that glitter in the sunlight…

So I went out and bought pink velvet to make a heart for Britt, the hostess of the Gotland weekend. I wanted it overflowing with pretty things, so I kind of over decorated. Too much for some, but I like it. I really like using all the pretty things I have stored in plastic boxes and jars…

Embroidered Heart glitter side

Beads, buttons, glitter thread, hand sewn appliqu, and embroidery. On velvet!

Heart front

Kind of quirky and a fun, busy look. There is nothing serious about this heart, except the intention for it to become a nice gift. Britt hung it over her bed, so I think she liked it. I even added stitches to the back:

Embroidered heart back

I cut out the heart shape, sew it together on the sewing machine, turned it and stuffed it a bit before adding the embroidery. When the decorations were all in place I added more stuffing and sewed the tiny opening shut. Easy craft project!

There are about a gazillion ways to decorate a sewn heart, as seen on Pinterest (the vintage forget me not is a favorite). Dig through your own stash of “little things” and see what you come up with. Make it personal by adding the initials or symbols of the receiver.

Everyone should have an embellished heart hanging over their head when they sleep, don’t you think?