365 Collages | Week 21

Collages this week
One of this weeks collages is called When in need – anything goes. It means that any bit of paper you have can become a collage. That a collage can come together in a gazillion ways. If you have three scraps of paper that you like, you can probably combine them into something that “works”, at least for you. For now. For this moment. Though it will be easier if you have ten papers to choose from of course. You will find a way, I’m sure.

Collage: Nordic colour
Nordic colour

For me this is week 21 of my project 365 Collages and I still love making collages. Yay! It is giving me so much you to sit down to make these.

Please let me know in the comments if you like any of these seven especially much – and why. Thanks!

Collage: Nordic Light
Nordic Light

Collage: When in need anything goes
When in need anything goes

Collage: Sign of Curiosity
Sign of Curiosity

Collage: Night time
Night time

Collage: Unseen

Collage: Bird on a Wire
Bird on a Wire

Thanks for your visit and have a great and happy Glue it Tuesday/Week!

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  1. You have inspired me in the last couple of weeks to sit down & collage…and I LOVE the process! One f these days I’ll get brave enough to link to Glue It Tuesday ;)

    “Unseen” really speaks to me…I think it’s the red, such a beautiful true red, and the white together. And I adore the red circles on the white background! Beautiful work all around! :)

  2. they are all great. i love that you are keeping to your collage a day quest. much more displined than i am. tfs

  3. Hanna: I now look forward to your collages every week. They have inspired me so much. I like the simplicity of Nordic Light because I tend to like simple designs. I like the layering stripes of Signs of Curiosity and love the colors in Bird on a Wire. Thanks again for sharing your collages.

  4. I enjoy seeing your weekly gathering. This time I’m particularly drawn to the two Nordic ones. Both the colorways and the textures are lovely. Love that pebble paper!

  5. You are very prolific, Hanna! Overall, I think I like “Unseen” the best…there is an orderliness that appeals to me. I like the pink circles on “When in Need…” and the line of cupcakes in “Bird on a Wire.” Your use of spray inks is nice, too! :-)

  6. I am always admiring in front of your collages , I say one day give us a lot of bigs ideas!
    My best to day is “unseen” but it’s difficult for me to say what, I think it gives me dreams. And the second is “Bird on a wire” for the same reason. Thank you for sharing
    and sorry for my English.!!!

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