how to decorate your easter tree2

I like the aesthetics of Easter better than any other holiday we celebrate here in Sweden. I love how bright and happy everything looks right now, with spring around the corner…

And the best part is decorating an Easter Tree. Do you do that? It’s so easy to buy (or pick) a few birch twigs, stick them in a big vase and be done. After a couple of days small leafs will be born on the twigs too, and it will decorate itself! Easy-peasy-decoration! But if you don’t want to wait you can always hang “stuff” in your tree. I love putting something homemade up, like my orange cats this year.

Cats in a tree
The orange kittens are in my Etsy [since closed] Shop if you need a dose of feline Easter in your home. Cats are best friends of the Easter Witch, who knocks on your door with a hand drawn Easter greeting card just about now. Her accompanying cat friend are of course often black, though I’m partial to orange cats

Yellow feather
Most common in the Easter Tree are loose coloured feathers. Mine are yellow, attached with a thin wire around the twig. Easy to remove if you want to save them until next year. Though for next year I’m buying pink ones.

I think my tree turned out just lovely this year:

Easter Tree with Cats and Feathers
Cats and feathers, why not!

Plain Twigs
From my parents garden I got these Forsythia twigs. I’m keeping them plain for now because in just a few days they will bloom (I hope) in yellow. I love when you can have pre-spring feelings indoors! I will have to come back to these.

From the birch twigs, I cut a smaller bouquet to put in my favorite vase/pitcher:

Little Easter Tree with Eggs

In this smaller one I hang some smaller ornaments. Pick what fits best! These are my wooden Easter ornaments including eggs, bunnies and some chickens in pastel colours.

You can see how my tree looked last year in the Easter Window! I’ve also got a Crafty Ideas for Easter Pinterest board with some fun ideas. There are plenty more around right now.

Are you decorating a tree in your home, and what do you put in it?