Collage: Warmth for You
Here is the collage Warmth for You, previously posted and up for sale.

The rest of week 8 collages are scanned, but first I just wanted to say that it was not my intention to stay away after the announcing the DIY Postcard Swap details this week. But I have one good reason that is not feeling very good… I’m devastated that my 17″ screen laptop gave up on me two weeks ago (wrote about int my recent Newsletter) and since then I’m behind on scanning for the 365 in 2013 project and a lot of other things too (like checking my email). I don’t want to go on about that, instead I really feel like posting some creative stuff from my desk!

Today I managed to upload the rest of the six collages from week eight, and I hope you like them. Here they are:

Collage: Growing outwards
Growing outwards, an art collage by Hanna Andersson, a.k.a. iHanna.

And after two months of making collages I can truly say this is an awesome project! I love the weekly creative bursts I get from this project, making sure I have seven collages to post each week. It’s empowering, creative and such a great habit!

Collage: Hight in Life
Hight in Life

Collage: Wonderment

Collage: In the Blue Cupboard
In the Blue Cupboard

Collage: Shards of the Universe
Shards of the Universe

Collage: A Blue Bed Quilt
A Blue Bed Quilt

I would love to know which of these collages you like the best – and least (and why). Post your comments below if you’ve got the time! Thanks!

And as always, I hope you are joining the DIY Postcard Swap – this is the fourth year and it’s becoming “the event of the year” on this blog.

Take care!