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DIY Doily Easter Egg

There are a gazillion fun ways to recycle and find new ways to use those old crocheted doilies, but this has got to be my favorite so far. It’s the Easter Egg I received yesterday filled with candy. It’s made by my crafty mom and I love it! For this DIY Doily Easter Egg mom […]

How to decorate Your Easter Tree

I like the aesthetics of Easter better than any other holiday we celebrate here in Sweden. I love how bright and happy everything looks right now, with spring around the corner… And the best part is decorating an Easter Tree. Do you do that? It’s so easy to buy (or pick) a few birch twigs, […]

365 Collages | Week 12 – Easter Edition

Whiskers that Tickle, cute bunnies and yellow chickens. There’s just a lot of yellow and orange in this week’s collages for my collage project #365in2013. I’m feeling the season! How about you? Related PostsProject 365 Somethings in 2018 365 Collages | Week 11 | Bambi came to visit Collages in a drawer

More DIY Painted Postcards

These painted postcards are cousins of the blue paint postcards, and the previous four are their siblings! I have made four cards out of one sheet of painted paper, twelve in total this time. I always make a few extra when I’m in the flow but also because I enjoy keeping at least one for […]

Kantha Heart

I am obsessed with the up-and-down stitch known as kantha. I want to cover every surface with it, going up and down through layers of fabric to sew them together. Related PostsCreative Snapshots | A Nip in the Air Finished Slow Cloth Art Piece Using the Heart Symbol in your Art

Weekly Inspiration: Layer Cakes

Fresh flowers makes me happy. There are some Snowdrops trying to get into the sunshine outside my house, but they look so sad with all the ice surrounding them still… Where is spring? Spring, oh, where art thou? I stayed in a lot this week. Read. Surfed. Painted. These are some of the most recent […]

365 Collages | Week 11 – Typography Edition

DIY Typography, anyone? Typography (from the Greek words τύπος (typos) = form and γραφή (graphe) = writing) is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. Typography Collage might be the art of arranging words so that the aren’t that easy to decipher… At least that’s what I find interesting […]

DIY Painted Postcards

Don’t look now if you’re in the swap and want suprises in your mail box – but I can not wait to share more of my postcards! I looove these DIY Postcards, made in the same way as the blue one. Acrylic paint in layer upon layer! After I cut the painting into four pieces […]

Painting a paper and Making Four Postcards

Like I’ve already mentioned, this year I’m very inspired by Jane Davies and her postcard tutorial video, where she is painting a big piece of paper that she then cut apart into four postcards. One big paper and then ta-daa, postcards! I love the randomness of that! I’ve already tried the method with my most […]

365 Collages | Week 10

It’s Glue it Tuesday at Artsyville and of course I’m joining! Aren’t you? My most important tool is a glue stick! Right now my favorite brand is Uhu! I ♥ a good glue stick and I’m always buying new ones so that I don’t run out! I need at least three fresh glue sticks in […]