Today I have a site sighting for you! It’s called! I’m sure you have seen it already, but have you tried it out yet? You should, because it’s very cool. After downloading Pattern App, I’ve joined the huge community at the site too and love it!

I just wanted to mention it, so that you too, can go check it out for real. It’s a lot of fun!

The iHanna Palette

You can make your own palettes, like the one above, but most of all I love that you can colour and even design, your own patterns! Or if you don’t have the patience to create a pattern of your own, you can use others patterns and choose your own colour combinations! ♥ Patterns that you can use as desktop backgrounds on your computer or phone (find them via the app Pattrn – search for ihanna and you’ll find some that I created)!

iHanna on ColourLovers!
You can download everything you make (patterns and palettes), share them, print them (!) and learn a lot by making them.

Design a pattern at colourlovers
When making a pattern you can use basic shapes, and work in layers to decide what forms should be grouped as one colour later. You instantly see how your figures tile into a repeat pattern, and you can move things around until it looks the way you want it to!

PicMonkey Collage2
When you create an “original pattern” everyone else gets access to it and can use it by choosing their own colours for it! The first one I made looks a bit like lemons to me…

I coloured and named it Mellow Yellow Lemon!

PicMonkey Collage
Then I created a polka dot pattern and made two colour versions. When someone else uses my polka dots I can go check out what colours they picked. It’s crazy how one pattern can look so different in so many ways!

Here are a few that I “found” and coloured:

This colour combination is called iHanna’s Flower Garden. It’s a pattern I found and coloured.

Zig Zag Zpink chevron!

Oh, and another one that I “designed” and coloured, owls that I think turned out pretty cool:

Owl on the line
Owl on the line!

I hope you enjoyed this little site sighting of mine, and if you find cool websites that I should check out let me know! And if you join colourlovers – please follow me and enjoy!