Semlor & kaffe

If you haven’t tried a Semla yet you really need to hop on a plain right now – and come to Sweden to try one. They are delicious, especially as we swedes (mostly) eat them only in February while waiting for spring. A semla consists of a cardamom-spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off and insides scooped out, and is then filled with a mix of the scooped-out bread crumbs, milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream.

One comment on instagram asked: is semla like a donut minus the whole cut out, cut in half and filled with marshmallow fluff? If so, I want one ASAP!
Hilarious! And probably yummy too, right?

Anyway, Mom and I ate these while on a coffee break recently, while having one of our Crafternoons. I think I’m getting my fabric collecting quilter mom hooked on papers, paint and book making!


I even brought out the acrylic paint!

Creativity with CraftyMom
Mom dug right in and made some pretty rad papers.

Her collections of found and printed papers is growing rapidly right now, and has been for some time. Her starting her own paper collection does not mean I get less, instead I love to share and she does too. You do get more diversity as you share!

Here is one of her first painted papers:

Mom's painted paper 1
Painted brown, then stamped with bubble wrap (one of my favorite methods of making patterns).

Mom's painted papers
These are painted, and then stamped with a sponge dipped in acrylic paint.

Mom has been making spiral bound books (three of them!), mostly using my method of cutting up wallpaper samples, scrapbook papers and envelopes. We sit together and cut papers for the books, decorate edges and listen to music. Tape, glue and fit pages together.

We both forget about time, and sometimes we forget to talk. But it’s all good. A couple of hours later we’re starving, so a semla break is a good thing.

Crafternoons are great. Let me know if you want to come visit and I’ll set the table.