I love Cute postal stamps

While the weekly collages are my main form of expression right now, I also try to get some art journaling done – and keep up with the editing photos and deleting the bad ones. Here are a few of my recent favorite snapshots:

The New Look
After the rain illustration

Bluebird in my window, made from this super cute craft kit I got for Christmas. It was easy to “make” (punch out cardboard) and I love how they all turned out. Mr Kitty is called Chepe, a very shy cat I’ve been cat sitting for a month. And then polka dot wrapping paper on my lovely Polka Dot Desk! Plus, a printable quote I love – from Linda’s tool kit.

New stuff
Bought some new stuff at the craft shop in town. Patterned tissue paper on roll – looove it! And a set of polka dot red scissors. They’re going to be my favorite scissors, I already know it.

If you follow me on instagram, you get daily peeks into my life. For example, this is what you’ve seen in January:

On instagram in January 2013
January was bleak… I think February will be much more colorful…

Happy February everyone! Oh, and whazz up in you life?