Let’s celebrate what might come next

To compose is to manage the unexpected, one of the most dynamic components. Holidays are like that too. It is quite a skill. To manage, accept, and enjoy the moments and even celebrate what might come next. And we can be sure the new year will be full of surprises.
Jude Hill

Inspiration Mosaic - November 2012
Inspirational Mosaic November 2012. View big or click the image to visit the original photos on flickr.

At night I’m stitching. Yesterday I did yoga and got the most wonderful massage. Today I’m attending a TEDx talk (my third this year!) about women’s creativity. This week we got snow here, and it embeds everything in the most perfect way. I love it when everything disappears in snow and it’s time to get the Advent Candles out.

I’m wishing you all a very happy December!

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  1. I love the mosaic, which is one of my favorite pastimes. You can stitch quite a few memories together with that technique. And you make snow sound like a winter’s blessing.

    • Quinn, yes I do think of snow like that. At least I did yesterday… today we might have gotten a bit too much for urban life, lots of problems in the traffic but I will try to keep thinking of its magic and not the problems it might create in the city! :-)

  2. Massage, time to create and a TED Talk…you know how to live it up girl (so jealous of the TED talk!)! And yep, I’m in on the pattern a day thing..I’ll post mine on instagram later :)

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