Market Yourself by Tara Swiger Market Yourself by Tara Swiger (A Marketing System for Smart and Creative Business Owners) – this is a book review by me, iHanna. Enjoy!

Tara Swiger is a blogger and yarn maker that has now dived into writing a whole book, and she does it well with a knowledge of marketing for personal and small business. Market yourself is almost brand new (I got it a while back) and I’ve read parts of it several times already. I enjoy it but have a hard time concentrating on the words because I just want to spring into action when I read the how-to of this book. The business woman in me roars with delight and can’t stay put!

If you have any kind of dream about selling what you do, weather or not it’s starting a business or just listing a few items on Etsy every now or then, this book is for you. It has tons of great information on how to define who you are, what you do, who would be interested in buying what you do and how you should go about finding these “Right People” in your local town and online. In core it’s almost a self-help book, but then again maybe having a business is a lot about that. Finding what makes you happy is essential to many of those who start small businesses, right?

As I read this book I had the same feeling I got when I read Alyson Stanfield’s book I’d rather be in the studio a few years back. I wanted to stop reading, jump up and get into action mode with making stuff, writing blog posts and newsletters and… Just marketing what I do to The Right People (defined as those of you who like what I do AND also will buy from me). I think that feeling of wanting to follow the advice right away is a good review in of itself. It should tell you that Tara has a way with words, has advice that feels right and a tone that really inspires.

It’s set up as a work book with lots of space to write, answer questions and draw mind maps. And you should really take the time to do the exercises as they will help you think better (at least for me writing is the best tool to help me focus).

Tara’s book is focused a lot on building a business online, using online tools, social media and defining your message. To me that’s the “right road” and I love exercises like how to write a douche-free bio and defining the amazingness of you!

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