List Journal made by Tammy Garcia for the List Journal project we did 2012

I’ve written a list on the very last page of the List Journal today. It’s now filled and it’s time to shelf this project. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along and I know some of you have been inspired to make your own list journals and to write the prompts. Thanks for shared links left in the comments!

Want the story behind the List Journal and the fun collaboration that Tammy and I are doing? Check out the intro post and then follow along with our Saturday List Journal prompts. Thanks!

Last week was Random facts about me. Today’s list prompt is called random subjects I know a lot about. What would yours be?

The last list done

This prompt, made up by Tammy, reminds me of the book Microserfs. Do you remember it? In it they list their favorite (rather strange) random Jeopardy subjects, things that they’d be winning with if they got any questions about it. (Quote: I am If my life was a game of Jeopardy! my seven dream categories would be: Tandy products, Trash TV of the late ’70s and early ’80s, The history of Apple, Career anxieties, Tabloids, Plant life of the Pacific Northwest & Jell-O 1-2-3…)

List Journal: Random things I know a lot about

List #11: Random subjects I know a lot about

I’m not an expert in any particular subject. It feels kind of boring, but it’s the truth. Instead I listed things I have studied over the years, in the school of life that is. Like blogging, journaling (writing a diary, art journaling, etc…), how to find and obtain happiness (I’ve read tons of books about this very subject because it interests me), child raising (I know a lot for someone who hasn’t got kids of my own anyway) and making a creative mess (both on my desk and out of my life). Plus, literature, the one subject I’ve always loved, and studied at the university. Those might be the dream categories if my life was a game of Jeopardy!

Things I know a lot about

What’s your dream subjects?

Tammy (view her subjects listed here) made this special little journal for me (and I made one for her), and together we’ve created lots of lists and all of these prompts. It’s been a very cool collaboration, and it has pushed me to plan and post blogs on Saturdays for several weeks in a row. I’m very pleased with having this journal in my collection, to have done this project, to have had some of you join us – and to finish it today.

Thanks sweet ones!

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