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White pens – awesome and difficult

I love my white pens, trust me on that – but it’s a love-hate relationship. I would use them a lot more if they weren’t so damn difficult to write with. As you can see from this experiment above all of the three writing pens can write on acrylic paint (that is totally dry) but […]

Spiral bound Pink Smart Journal

I had to make a pink smart journal along with the lush green one. This one is listed for sale in my etsy shop right now. Today I’m showing you a few of my favorite spreads from this journal. Enjoy! Front and back cover is paper patchwork style. Love this cover! Pink is my all […]

Polka Dot Bag

A very girly and super cute thing, just for me. Yes, I got myself a polka dot bag. Too small for travel adventures but perfect for embroidery floss and tiny projects. Just perfect because it makes me happy! PS: Not bought today, a while back. But still makes me smile when I see it. Related […]

Where a Magic Sun Shines

A few of my embroidered artist trading cards. The magic trees couldn’t grow without some magic sun. To be sure we’d never run out, I made three suns. Related PostsAlways try New Things Frog Collages – A Series of Collages Started Take a stitch Tuesday

Lush Green Smart Journal

Sharing one of my spiral bound journals today! I love every spread of this journal – and the patchwork cover. Very yummy, all of it. And it was fun to work with a color scheme like this! Smart is short for Small Art Journal, my invention for these square, spiral journals that I’ve made several […]

Share you Beautiful Postcard Makings

I’ve shared the start of my postcards and given you until Thursday to sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap. Make 5 cards, receive 5 cards. Now we’d love to take a peek at your makings. Share your direct links to blog posts with the start of your postcards – or the finished postcards: 1. […]

It’s the Start of a Beautiful Postcard

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always. Oprah Winfrey I’ve started cutting postcard sized pieces. I’ve printed me some faux postal stamps and realize they’re a bit big for stamps. Next time I’ll make smaller stamps. Maybe with more empowerment! I’m painting backgrounds, […]

Faux Postage Stamps – Free Printable Empowerment

As a celebration I’ve put together this free, downloadable sheet (pdf) of Faux Postage Stamps. The celebration is to all of you empowering each other, making handmade cards – and spreading creativity and joy around the globe. Click to download, print and cut these up to use for your own personal projects. Or why not […]

List Prompt #10: Random Facts about Me

A few years ago these memes with personal questions and random facts about me-lists were very common. Do you remember? I didn’t do very many then, but these kinds of list are fun to jot down in your own journal. So that’s what we have today: Random facts about me. I’d love to hear some […]