Book bowl

Today’s post is filled with black and white shades. Quite a change to the pink and green items I normally dive into, but it’s all good! I find myself drawn to black and white (clothes and patterns) a lot lately, so it’s also a reflection of what I find beautiful right now. Also because I had to share a few more photos from my visit to Nationalmuseum and the exhibition Slow Art there. I brought my “big girl camera” and the 50mm-lens. I havet’t brought out the big camera enough this year, so to bring it to the exhibition was super fun. I hope you like them!

Love the paper bowl above, and this glimmering dress made out of shards of glass:

Glass dress

And more very beautiful paper artwork:

Detail of the whole
Paper clipping
Necklace cut from books

This kind of paper art is waaay out of my leage, but since I’m mostly a paper artist I swoon when I see things like these. The time, the patience, the preciseness… Oh my.

Owl feather vase
The “Owl feather bowl” is another favorite, that makes me wish I owned it. But I think I might use the inspiration it gives for some kind of project. Some day.

Silver, oak, ceramics:
Etheral silver
Oak bowl
Slow jumping rabbit

Freeking amazing right?