Checkered Wrist Warmers

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What I'm wearing

Truth be told I knit these with yarn from my stash, but the colour combination could’ve been inspired by this book I’m reading. It’s called Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi. It’s a quick, funny read about a young Asian American woman who will go far to bury the Hello Kitty stereotype forever…

The knitting was as fun and unexpected as the book. Because wow, I’m knitting a grid! A black and pink checkered grid that when it grows under my fingers dazzles me. Combining this deep pink, fuchsia tone with black for the first time. Love the colour combination a lot. It’s kinda hot.

What I'm reading
Maybe now I need to knit more wrist warmers so that I can always wear ones that match my current read!? Right now I’m reading one of those orange penguin books, hmm…

I’m using a pattern with lifted stitches for the grid, from a Swedish knitting book that I recently bought, and making the length and width of the wrist warmers up as I go.

Hello knitting!

What are you knitting/reading? Would love some good book tips!

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  1. I´m knitting! (and that´s so strange, because I don´t, usually I don´t, never) But me and my neighbours are going to make some knit grafitti in our village (everyone will know for sure who did it) and that´s something I don´t want to miss :)
    Love your wristwarmers.

    • You’re knitting, wow! And yay! Isn’t it fun though? I’ve got knitted graffiti ideas in a box, to chicken to hang it up (yet)…

  2. I haven’t knitted in years but I might make me some wristwarmers like these when days get cold(er) – and reading? Last summer I read ‘The art of Fielding’ – Chad Harbach and ‘A visit from the goon squad’ – Jennifer Egan. Both books were good reads, but I don’t know your preferences of course…

  3. I am reading The Night Circus by erin morgenstern. It’s magical. I am also reading the children’s book, Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild (true spelling!). It’s a classic. I just started it, but it is supposed to be delightful. I could use some delightful after being so busy for so long!

    Pretty wrist warmers!

  4. i love hellokitty, but for some reason i want that book and i love those wrist warmers fashionably adorable

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