Dymo Hello

It feels like I’ve spent more time in art supplie stores than at my desk creating lately. It’s a horrible feeling that makes me feel empty and sad. But instead of complaining about time (again!) I thought I’d start a new series of posts that will occur occasionally. I’m calling it Awesome Supplies! In this series of posts I will feature some of the awesome materials I love or are just experimenting with. Follow along, and please feel free to share your own favorites for art journaling too!

Today I’m sharing these awesome dymo labels.

Dymo label making in new colours

I hope you’ve got some kind of label maker already? Everyone needs one! I’ve had mine for years. I recently found these cool colours in a scrapbook store. In a set of three I got pink, light blue and one roll that looked white but proved to be transparent! How awesome is that? Aaawesome.

This is how my label maker look:

Dymo label
There are cooler ones to buy now, but mine is vintage and thrifted. I also got a smaller kid’s version one, but right now I can’t find it. I’m guessing it’s hiding in one of the many boxes I have around with other awesome supplies and stuff…

I’ve used dymo labels to make tags, gift cards, mark boxes, my breakfast jar (with msli in), my watercolour set, notebooks, and for all kinds of journaling projects of course. Like so:

Dymo fun
Dymo Labeling

BTW, my etsy shop is empty but if you scroll down on the shop page you’ll find my favorites from other shops there too! Just after I bought this one I saw a post showing some neon coloured dymo labels… Check them out if you want some awesome too.

** You can view the flickr group Dymo Love for further inspiration!