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Home Comforts: Ivy greenery

An important part of a cozy home is the greenery, don’t you agree? The indoor greenery makes a room feel like a home and not a naked hotel room. Some plants in your home will create a warmer and more alive environment. With lots of plants you can create an indoor jungle or forest, or […]

What’s new on my desk today

In today’s mail came the new embroidery magazine, and I am very proud since I am one of three editors. I’ve planned it, worked with it, written articles, edited text, photographed, edited layout, found spelling-mistakes and on and on. Always happy to make this thing -but also extremely happy and satisfied when it’s “over” and […]

Instagram Midsummer Weekend

I’ve written before about being creative with your smart phone. This weekend I’ve been experimenting with using the photo app Instagram. Above all it’s a community, much like but on your phone. You snap a photo, choose one of the filters to apply to it (to change the colours of your photo to make […]

Weekly inspiration: Stockholm and Swedish authors

Sometimes I’m still that little girl – awesome photo idea at the flickr blog. Take a photo of yourself today and let’s see how you’ve grown, changed or stayed the same since you were that little girl… Literary Magazine – new site about Swedish books and authors – in English! Awesome, you’ve got to check […]

On Midsummer’s Eve

On this day I wish all you beautiful bumblebees out there a great day – wherever you are and what ever you do! The celebration of Midsummer’s Eve was from ancient times a festival of the summer solstice. In Sweden, Mid-summer celebration originates from the time before Christianity; it was celebrated as a sacrifice time […]

The No Flow Feeling

We were all born artists of some sort if we care enough to believe it. We all have wide open eyes to support wide vision. Orly Avineri This is my set up. Because finally I had some time to paint in my Art Journal. I have longed for this moment! There’s just been so much […]

Another cat

I’ve fallen in love with a cat called Pusheen. I can’t stop looking, and I want to play dress up and wear this T (adding it to my wish list). Also sending this one to mom. ♥ Isn’t he adorable cute? BTW: Craft Social next week on twitter is about art journaling! Yay! Related PostsThe […]

Sweden #fail or @Sweden #win

I just have to air some opinions today: I think free speech is one of the most important laws/ideas of my country. And social media is great for this reason and I’m so glad we can all use it together. But since it’s late, I will, instead of writing my own opinion, share a few […]

Art journal peek: Home of random things

Another quick glossy collage in my art journal, contradicting the “art” part but very much feeling like “a journal”. Like a home of random things, of my ephemera. Again, a thousand circles living on one spread: polka dot wrapping paper and recycled office/meeting doodles! Each page includes so many different elements and ideas. If you’re […]

Summer Manifesto

New tradition: to write a Summer Manifesto. A Summer Manifest is a list of ideas about summer, and what your summer should be about or include. On my list I’ve put bike rides, writing when it’s raining and baking among other things. I’m also going to add spraypainting (outdoors) because I have some items I […]

Embroidery Evenings together

Me and my friend Christina had a creative get-together last year. We made accordion books out of folded paper. Then we added in tape, collage and words. We had wine and food too, and it was very inspiring to create together. This time I suggested embroidery, and allthough she was a bit hesitant, because it’s […]