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Inspiration Board March 2012
Handmade postcards pinned to my Inspiration Board right now, all from the diy postcard swap of course.

I hope you’ve got a big inspiration board too? If not I made a tutorial back in 2008 on How I made my inspiration board. It’s a huge frame that I painted white and that I now use for hanging all kinds of inspirations. I still like it a lot, especially when handmade postcards arrive in the mail.

DIY Postcards 1

Today I’ve been creating my very first survey, like a professional business woman. I sent it out to participants of the swap, hoping to get some feedback on how it was made, the fee and when to do it next time. If you were in the swap I hope you can take the time to fill out the survey. If you can’t see it check your spam folder! ;-)

I have hosted the swap for three years and each year after it was finished I was so tired of it all. But this year I am not! I feel energized by it. And I am actually considering to host another one this autumn already… Would it be too much? Would you wanna join? I hope the survey will tell, but feel free to add your opinion in the comments.

I’ve also been playing with categories, tags and menu options on the blog a bit today. And I’ve finally (again) added a page with a kind of Blog Archive. It was a built in feature in previous versions of wordpress, but now, for some reasons I don’t understand, it isn’t. So I’ve done a bit of php-hacking and added it again.

DIY Postcards 2

I’m not sure if it an archive page is a must for a good blog, or if anyone uses it? But personally I enjoy it a lot! I love the different ways posts can be listed in months, years, by subject or theme or… Isn’t it quite cool what you can do with a bit of code?

I like seeing the tag cloud, the categories and post from nine years of blogging on one page. Have a look!

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  1. I’d love to participate in a swap in the autumn, for the first time. And I always appreciate the archive bit of a good blog.

  2. I just took the survey! Hope you get some good feedback.

    I love your swaps! I’ve done it the last two years and had so much fun. The postcards I received were beautiful.

  3. Would like one again this summer! Maybe quarterly…it helped me get motivated to create and complete!
    Love your web site and the archive list will help me pick up articles I have not seen before!
    Keep writing and creating and inspiring us!
    Tusen takk!

  4. i think its a fab idea, id love to join for the first time, it sounds so exciting!

  5. i filled in the survey saying only 9 cards had arrived – the 10th then came through the door!
    it’s been wonderful but quite a lot of work for me to do the 10 cards and then all the follow up which i have LOVED but once a year is enough for me. xxx

    how many participated altogether this year?

    • Sandra, thanks for joining and filling out the survey! I thought it would be a good time since all cards really should have arrived by now, but alas, I got one today too! Better later than never, as they say. :-) I thinok once a year is enough for many, and you are most welcome to join in Feb/March next year again. Last year we were over 200, this year about 120 I think.

  6. Lucky you with all that gorgeous handmade mail! I wanted to participate this year but found out about the swap the day after it closed :( So, I would definitely love the chance to play this fall. The nice thing about the swap is that if someone doesn’t have the time or interest for more than once a year, they just don’t join in – it’s more about you and whether you enjoy it enough to balance the amount of work it takes.

    Anyway, my vote is YES, do it again in the fall :)

  7. Hi Hanna, first of all yes please I would love to be in your swap coming autumn. I have missed your archive and I think it’s much easier with those blogs that have an overview over the content. Smart of you to bring it back I think.
    By the way, isn’t it your birthday tomorrow? I think it is so a BIG Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you’ll have a day with that special Queen feeling.

    • Thank you Laila! You made me smile, for making me feel the work with the archive is worth while – and for remembering! Thanks sweet one!

  8. I would love it if you did another swap this year! I participated last year, but I wasn’t able to this year and I really was sad about that. It’s such a great thing because if people don’t want to participate, they just don’t’ sign up! I loved the swap last year and got so many great postcards. I’m looking forward to doing another one! And btw, LOVE your blog!

  9. So many gorgeous postcards on your inspiration board!! I think a blog archive is a MUST…it is so fun to go back on my favorite blogs to see “how it all began” as well as how the blog has been developed over time. Thanks for adding it back!

  10. I would love to participate in an Autumn postcard swap. I missed it again this year, but I lovde seeing your postcards, and the other ones that you received. Also, this would probably get my butt in motion to keep creating. Plus, I think the way you handled it this year was a great idea, helping to offset costs of mailing. When I did ATCs (how I miss them!), some of our hosts did that, especially for an oversized swap. Great idea, and great blog. Love coming here, it makes me smile :)

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