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Week in the Life 2012: Friday Photos

Week in the life still going strong. I’m taking a lot of photos and documenting almost everything. I love this project! Today I’m sharing a few SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera) pictures. They are my favorites from Friday when I was carrying my Nikon d50 camera with me the entire day. Related PostsDear Photo […]

Washi tape Ideas

It’s Week in the Life (read more about it here) and I am full on documenting my life. I notice how fun it is, but also how beautiful my life is. How much I get out of each day: sounds, smells, impressions, communicating, creating, walking, eating, interacting, sharing, documenting, reading, watching, living. This blog, while […]

Week in the Life: Fabric store browsing

Fabric store browsing – with camera in hand for the photo documentation project Week in the Life. Thin airy cotton fabric. Polka dots that feels like spring. All of these photos are quick snap shots from Monday. They are the only ones I’ve had the time to look through properly, except the commute photos I’ve […]

Celebrating 8 year Blogoversery

Last year I totally ignored my blog’s birthday, so the more reason to celebrate the big blogoversary this year. And it’s today: I have been writing blog posts and sharing my creative life for eight years now. Are you impressed? To help me celebrate the blogoversary we, me and my blog sponsor Cute Tape, are […]

Week in the Life: commuting photos

My commute to work is by train. It’s a bit newer than these though. But I love grafitti, especially on ugly old trains. This is the one I went with this morning: It’s A week in the Life: documenting my week with photos + words. I’m sharing a few of the morning cummute photos here. […]

Photography is happiness

Photography is not like painting. There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment the photographer is creative. Oop! The Moment! […]

Weekly inspiration: Mighty Micron

Video by Miguel Endara [via Elvie]. Isn’t it inspiring to watch someone else draw/create? I think so. Here are some other sources of inspiration. Enjoy! Mighty inspiration this week The Basics of Documenting a week in your life – a must-read if you want to join the photo project (that I wrote about earlier this […]

Art Journal Peek: Doodles on paint

I think birthdays and springtime (and birthdays in springtime) are a great time to think about all the things we love. When I need a dose of youth, I can draw from the positive energy of all that is good in my life and in my world. Andria Related PostsCollage time during the Holidays Taking […]

Me in &Stitches zine

I’m not finished celebrating you know. Let’s have another giveaway today, shall we? You could win a copy of the awesome e-zine &stitches today. And there is still time to enter yesterdays giveaway here! Yay! This is so much fun! Read on to get the details on how to enter. The second issue of the […]

Celebration time + giveaway

It’s my birthday today! Yeah, I know. Again. Blah kind of, I’m getting older. Who cares? ;-) But to help me celebrate Tammy of DaisyYellow has kindly donated three copies of her awesome e-zine stART (issue #4). I have my copy printed, as you can see, laying beside my favorite Hello Kitty mug. I have […]

Documenting a Week In The Life

Documenting a Week In The Life. Here’s some Photo Evidence of Spring. I was hoping for a great week starting today. A week of seeing friends, fun packages in the mail (finally ordered my dream bag), traveling some and even going to a museum. Now my back is still giving me problems so I’m not […]