Postcards are fun
Making, writing, sending & receiving postcards is a fun and creative activity. I guess that’s why I’m hosting a postcard swap every year. Here are a few main points about why this activity is so enjoyable to me. It’s because…

I really like…

  • the simplicity of a glue stick and little pieces of paper to glue down, one by one
  • using “what I have on hand” and recycle cardboard boxes as the postcard foundation
  • planning a series of similar cards on a theme or a new technique
  • finding unexpected materials to use, this time vintage postal stamps
  • making a pleasing composition with my chosen materials
  • knowing that I am making something for someone else
  • getting into the creative flow and not being able to stop!

My pile of postcards
Rounding the corners

I also enjoy…

  • using my corner punch to round of the corners (oh how I love those corner punches, one of the best buys ever)
  • writing a note on the back with my fountain pen filled with black ink
  • getting sms, tweets and e-mail from friends and family about how they’re making or receiving postcards right now
  • knowing that “my little idea” with this swap inspires others and makes people happy
  • that the DIY Postcard Swap has become an annual tradition that I look forward to

Finding cute stamps

And finally I love…

  • …how all postcards are special and so beautiful, no matter the skill of the creator, because they are made to share. I think they all shine of “the joy of making” (I want to write love)
  • …the joy to hold “an original” of someones work and study it closely (and to keep it)
  • …when there is a pretty stamp on the back as an extra bonus. I’m finding secret messages in most of them (there was an awesome dragon on the stamp on the first postcard I received this year – from Fanie in Canada, and I was born a dragon year)
  • ..coming home from work and finding another awesome handmade postcards in my mail box
  • pinning all received postcards to my inspiration board
  • my growing collection of mail art, now living in a pretty ring binder that I designed for them
  • the fact that so many of you wanted to join me this year too – even with the sign up fee
  • that we get to do it all over again next year

It is very true that it’s just as fun giving away as it is receiving, and sometimes even more. Thanks everyone who took the time to join the swap! Take some time to visit a few of these awesome people and leaving a comment on blog posts or individual photos in the postcard group.

Click here if you want to join the DIY Postcard Swap!

What’s your favorite part of DIY Postcards?