My blog is back and I’m thinking about Postcards

Favorite postal stamps

It’s great if you didn’t notice that the site was down, but many of you did, and I felt horrible about it as many are checking in on the swap posts. And that my site (where this blog is at) went down for more than 24 hours yesterday was really bad timing. Now it’s back but a bit unstable? Well, I can write an update and at least that’s good.

Yesterday when it was down it was the last day for signing up to be in the DIY Postcard Swap, but since nobody could sign up for it then I’m extending the time to join until this Friday. Please read the rules and join if you are so inclined. We’re happy to have you!

I will send out the 10 addresses via e-mail, but they will not go out until Sunday the 11th and then you’ll have that entire week to write the addresses and send them of! If by next week (Wednesday) you haven’t heard from me, check your spam filter/folder, then check the e-mail you signed up to paypal with, and after that: feel free to contact me.

Also, if you’ve documented your postcarding process feel free to share your photos in The Flickr Pool for the DIY Swap and share blog links in the widget in the post Share the postcarding Fun below, so we can come visit and see what you’ve created.

Personally I’ve had a great day. I started this morning with yoga. Then I’ve answered e-mails, painted some in my art journal + on canvas, printed backsides for my own batch of postcards, had iced coffee, listened to podcasts and now I am waiting for guests. I think I will try to finish my postcards and then scan them. After that initial idea I couldn’t stop making collages of those stamps, and now I’ve made 17 postcards!

Take care, and lots of love on International Women’s Day!

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  1. Glad you are back, I thought oh no, not right before the swap! Looking forward to it. Nice, nice stamps. xox Corrine

  2. I love, love, love the postcard collage you created for the swap…I am a HUGE fan of postage stamps in my art and crafts!

  3. Welcome back Hanna! Looking forward to getting my 10 names and sending out these postcards. I so love using stamps in my work too. They are such beautiful tiny works of art themselves! I especially love the old ones and ones from foreign lands!

  4. so glad you are back in business Hanna! must have been frustrating for you. how great is it that you are able to use your saved postage stamp treasures – I am still hoarding all my treasures ;)

  5. Glad you’re back, Hanna. I always enjoy your colourful posts. I was afraid I lost you forever. Maybe I can ask you a question now? (before you’re gone again ;-)) Is there a Swedish (fairy)tale about two goats, or more precisely: two goatheads fallen in a river or something? I had bought an Ikea fabric last year with a winterdesign, snowy mountains etc, but also two goats on a bridge and what seemed to0 be two goatheads lying in the water. Does that ring a bell?

    • Angeline, yes it does, a fairy tale I’ve heard many times. It’s originally Norwegian, but we’re close to them. It was first written down 1840 by Peter Christen Asbjrnsen and Jrgen Moe in Norske folkeeventyr. There are acctually three goats, and it’s called De tre bockarna Bruse in Swedish, and you can check it out in English called: The tree goats named Bruse. :-)

      • Hanna, thanks for your effort and the info. It’s an entertaining story, although I’m not totally sure that it’s that story that’s depicted on the fabric.

  6. So glad you are back–I’ve been blocked for days, and even my email came back as “you are blocked.” So, what a relief that the postcard swap is still on! I’m excited about this. Can’t wait for it to begin!

  7. How nice to hear!!
    My cards are mostly done, but I completely forgot to document my process!! So, I’m going to make another one and do that. And I’m glad you got the issues settled and we can all get back to iHanna love!

  8. Hanna, The postal stamps are so alluring, such wonderful designs! I love stamps as well. Thank you again for coordinating this most wonderful swaps. My postcards are all stitched and ready to roll.

  9. Oh my goodness, I missed you and your blog!!! I can’t count the amout of times I just jumped on to check… My postcards have been getting lovely feedback from my tumblr blog (brand new to the blogosphere) so I do hope whom ever receives them enjoys them. I have had a lot of people let me know how fabulous the idea is and want to be apart of it!!!
    Speaking of collages… I just made my 10th card (although I too now have a DIY postcard addiction and I believe it won’t be the last) and it is a collage of Classic movies, both old and new… It is one of my favourites! Mine are all soooo different too!
    Thanks again ihanna and I’m glad your back!

  10. Oh, I missed the swap this time :( I wasn’t sure I’d have the time to participate until Friday and for some reason I couldn’t access your blog until Saturday morning. Not your fault though :D There has been some trouble with my internet provider recently. But count me in next time!

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