Favorite postal stamps

It’s great if you didn’t notice that the site was down, but many of you did, and I felt horrible about it as many are checking in on the swap posts. And that my site www.ihanna.nu (where this blog is at) went down for more than 24 hours yesterday was really bad timing. Now it’s back but a bit unstable? Well, I can write an update and at least that’s good.

Yesterday when it was down it was the last day for signing up to be in the DIY Postcard Swap, but since nobody could sign up for it then I’m extending the time to join until this Friday. Please read the rules and join if you are so inclined. We’re happy to have you!

I will send out the 10 addresses via e-mail, but they will not go out until Sunday the 11th and then you’ll have that entire week to write the addresses and send them of! If by next week (Wednesday) you haven’t heard from me, check your spam filter/folder, then check the e-mail you signed up to paypal with, and after that: feel free to contact me.

Also, if you’ve documented your postcarding process feel free to share your photos in The Flickr Pool for the DIY Swap and share blog links in the widget in the post Share the postcarding Fun below, so we can come visit and see what you’ve created.

Personally I’ve had a great day. I started this morning with yoga. Then I’ve answered e-mails, painted some in my art journal + on canvas, printed backsides for my own batch of postcards, had iced coffee, listened to podcasts and now I am waiting for guests. I think I will try to finish my postcards and then scan them. After that initial idea I couldn’t stop making collages of those stamps, and now I’ve made 17 postcards!

Take care, and lots of love on International Women’s Day!