Pen love and black flowers

Pen love
The most recent pen is often my favorite pen, but I do love all my pens.

Since filling the Lamy Safari with black ink it’s become my favorite pen both for writing and doodling. I love how the black ink almost makes puddles on the paper, and pens that aren’t fountain pens feel dry and boring right now.


I don’t sketch or draw (much) but I doodle. I love filling pages with circles that become flowers that stretch toward the sky. I love to mindlessly doodle around the edges of my paper, frame it and to let the pen nib swirl over the page in my Moleskine diary. I could fill a whole journal with these doodles, if only someone would buy me enough ink (and time).

I hope you’ve taken time with your pen collection today?

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  1. I have over a dozen different fountain pens (they’re so pretty and each one writes with a different “personality”!). Many are vintage too.
    I was just going to refill them today ( I love the ritual of filling them with all the different colored bottled inks…I’m amassing quite an assortment!) when I read your blog post!
    Your doodles are wonderful and a great way to enjoy the flow of the fountain pen!

  2. Pretty! Where on the page do you normally start doodling with? I always find that when I get back to my starting point it seems disjointed – my starting points are very obvious to anyone who searches for it.

  3. Your doodles are so pretty! Unfortunately I’m very talented in making circles look like eggs and doodling flowers where each petal has a different size lol.
    Your post makes me want to use my old fountain pens again (I used to only use fountain pens but my favorite one broke and always made huge ink puddles on the page. Maybe it’s time to get a new one?)

  4. When I first started reading your blog a few years ago (before I knew about journaling or anything!) I remember a posting you did about pens and I didn’t understand. How can someone get obsessed over pens?— This posting today made me giggle because now I completely understand how easy it is to have “favorite” pens! =cD You have shown me such goodness! — I’ve never used a fountain pen before, that looks so fun! My favorite pens to write and doodle with are Pilot G4 gel pens. ;) Pretty simple!

  5. I love your doodles! I am taking Joanne Sharpe’s Letter Love class, and got some new pens for the occasion. It is amazing how some feel like “work” to use, and some just slide across the page like silk!

  6. I have always had a love for pens, pencils and paper and your comments gave me the final push to “indulge” myself. Yesterday, I ordered the Lamy Safari pen that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of months! Now, it can’t come quickly enough!

  7. Hi Hanna – Your blog came up when I googled art journals, my new creative attempt. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, and will be back. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to your blog from my post. Love your work!

  8. absolutely gorgeous beautfiul and fun, and the feel of a pen on a paper is the most important for me when I pick out a pen to use. I have been really forgetful about getting this pen! I want it! I’m going to order one and some refills. A person only lives once!

    I’ve been working with my pens constantly, Hanna. But I must say, I had my sketchbook project journal almost finished, and then I took it almost all apart and didn’t get it done on time. I felt so dumb about that, but I just could not send out something that was not the way I liked it. I probably used half my pens on that book! I was sad to have to do that. It feels like a death. But at least I took some photos.

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