2011-03-07 hidden and revealed
Hidden and revealed, collage by iHanna 2011. For sale on Etsy.

I’m looking through the drawer where I keep collages. I found a few made during last year that I forgot to scan and show. I’ve compared them to what’s in the category of collage, and I don’t think you’ve seen these colorful lovelies yet? At least I hope not, because I like to show “new” stuff even when it’s old business. ;-)

Collage Hold on and kiss
Collage Hold on and kiss by iHanna. Available on Etsy.

Last year I wrote a few posts where my square collages are shown (2 here, 3 here, 2 here and the gwacka one), but obviously not enough, even though I didn’t do nearly as many collages as I wanted to (or thought I would in the beginning of the year).

2011-03-06 yay girl
Yay girl, collage by iHanna. For sale on Etsy

Today I took the day going through that drawer; scanning, editing and listing 2011 collages on Etsy. I am amazed on how much quicker it is to copy and re-list stuff there now! And while listing these lovely collages on Etsy I also made a new banner/header for the iHanna Etsy Shop! Check it out, and let me know what you think? Isn’t it rather pretty?

2011-03-03 rosy scale
Collage Rosy Scale by iHanna. Available on Etsy

Collage, which is something I love to do, was not in focus during 2011. Not sure what was, except working. But the ones I did create I really really like. And most of the ones that I featured and listed were sold for which I am very grateful and happy. Thanks everyone who bought something artsy from my shop! I send you lots of metta!

I was trying to set a focus on the continuum of making collages for 2011 in my goal list last year, but I guess I put in way too much of everything! This year I haven’t even made a list of goals yet, and it’s already February (gasp!). I know a few things I’m pondering – and I will continue with the TAST challenge because I’m enjoying learning a new stitch each week. I hope I can focus a bit on goal making next week. What are your main goal(s) with this year?