Photo walk: reflections

Painted railing
Painted railing along the water, photographed on a recent walk. And some more photos from my easy to carry Ixus camera (it’s a pink ixus 115 HS and I really love how easy it is to use – and bring). I had actually forgotten it was in my bag when I went out.

Reflections in the water, oh how I love them.

A note for someone named Glenn.

A barge
A barge in the harbor.

Puchmoppe - red one
And a red scooter that looks vintage to me.

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  1. It’s always surprising what you find when out on walks. I always carry a camera in my bag now to capture all those surprises. Love the scooter!

  2. Hanna, Hope you are keeping warm! I so enjoyed your photos, especially the boat on the water, that would be an interesting sketch.

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