Pink window lights

Pink lights make me happy

I’ve got pink row of lights hanging in one of my windows. Every time I look up I feel warm inside. They make me super happy, and transforms the room totally when it’s dark outside. It’s such a little thing, but the past weeks it has made a huge difference.

Pink light at home

I don’t think I will take them down until I feel there is spring in the air… and it’s a long time until that happens here in Sweden. I love my pink lights. I have rows of white stars in the other window, the electric advent candlestick, and on the table… lots of candles.

In my window
I like that they double or tripple when they are mirrored in the dark window.

Outdoor Christmas tree
Outside there are Christmas trees…

Advent Candlestick
…and indoors it’s advent time.

Happy fourth of Advent!

Nice treassure list that includes one of my mini quilts: red and brown. Mmm!

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  1. I like your string of lights, Hannah. Last year at Christmas, we strung up some light-up stars between the two windows in our living room…stars my husband had when he was a boy. I told him to leave them up all year, because they make me feel so happy, warm, and magical when they are on at night. So, of course, they are up still to celebrate this Christmas, and I plan to keep them there long after.

  2. I love pink lights! I have some that I have up in the bathroom. I discovered your blog and work recently. I’ve been really taken by the postcards that you made, the index cards, and the collages that are on your flickr site. I love your use of color as well as the way that you mix painting and collage. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree. Leave them up all year! I used to have pink heart fairy lights which now live I my daughters bedroom and we used to have a gold fairy light garland over our bed head that had each light set in a gold fabric flower. After a while the little flowers started to break so I took them down but I love having lights up all year.

  4. I have a whole curtain of christmas lights at the back of my hourse which has huge sliding doors. I keep them there all year long, just because I like them. ;-)

  5. We have lots of lights here in Nova Scotia this month to brighten up our dark nights. I have a “Charlie Brown” tree with birds and white lights that I leave up in our living room all year round to cheer me up.

  6. The lights are gorgeous!

    One of the challenges of having Christmas in summer in Australia is that it gets dark so late that Christmas lights are almost superfluous. Makes me (almost) yearn for a white Christmas.

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