This week I am finding my way back to writing by hand. At night I’ve been opening my diary and writing about this and that and nothing special. And it feels extremely good.

Diary writing is something I do regularly and always come back to. If I don’t do it for a while I miss it terribly. On Monday I did some real “deep writing”. I wrote for an entire hour. For me that is the kind of writing that goes beyond “what I did today” and “what’s up right now”. A great place to start is with a few simple questions.

I re-read my post from 2008 about how to find the answers you need. The first step is to list your questions. If you don’t dare to ask them how can you ever expect to find solutions and answers?

Deep Writing and Journaling

There is no rules to “deep writing” and it’s not as hard as it sounds. My writing is a mix of deep and more current affairs. I get derailed and start writing about my lunch in the middle of pondering what ever happened to my life… But that is not important. I can start over with another thought. Or come back tomorrow. Sometimes it is important just to keep writing. Don’t stop and don’t look back. Just continue forward with the next sentence.

Journaling. Deep writing. Morning pages. Subconsciousness. Call it what ever you wish, but it’s where you go a bit deeper than you normally do. It’s like meditating on a subject, pondering some questions or challenging yourself to think about issues you don’t want to think about (or normally don’t think about).

To me it’s the most awesome way to “think”, or find your inner wisdom. Not until I put pen to paper I hear what I am saying to myself. Not until I sit still I can listen in. I don’t always “get” (or follow) my wisdom, but at least I know how to get in touch with it.

I know writing is the way I want to go – but a little nudge is never a bad thing. Quinn McDonald, who is the one who has been nudging me, defines what deep writing is in this way:

It’s a relentless exploration of your emotions, the truthful details of an event – without spin, without excuses, without bringing in someone else to shoulder some blame.

If you haven’t journaled recently consider yourself nudged too! How would you define deep writing? And what are some questions you would like answered?