Nya hemsidan lanserad!

As I’ve mentioned before I am a member of what I fondly call Sweden’s Embroidery Guild, also known as BRAK. It is a non-profit organisation where I am part of the board and also editor of the member magazine. And now, also webmaster of the site. I am rather proud of its new look as it is launching this week!

I have tweeked the wordpress theme into Swedish and created a navigation bar with lots of pages. I have added categories, articles, tags, galleries of free form embroidery images, etc. etc.

It took way way more time than I had planned, and of course this kind of work is never finished. But to me it is a kind of dream job. And it was fun to do and I learned new things (about the .htaccess-file, using google calendar for events, buying a theme, using new plugins, and more).

This weekend I will attend the annual meeting, with many of the members, in a beautiful town called Örebro. I can’t even count how many meetings I will attend, but there are also workshops, special embroidery exhibits and friends to meet. Örebro is the town to be, I assure you.

Anyway, now you know what I’ve been doing on most of the past weekends, evenings and late nights…