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Nya hemsidan lanserad!

As I’ve mentioned before I am a member of what I fondly call Sweden’s Embroidery Guild, also known as BRAK. It is a non-profit organisation where I am part of the board and also editor of the member magazine. And now, also webmaster of the site. I am rather proud of its new look as it is launching this week!

I have tweeked the wordpress theme into Swedish and created a navigation bar with lots of pages. I have added categories, articles, tags, galleries of free form embroidery images, etc. etc.

It took way way more time than I had planned, and of course this kind of work is never finished. But to me it is a kind of dream job. And it was fun to do and I learned new things (about the .htaccess-file, using google calendar for events, buying a theme, using new plugins, and more).

This weekend I will attend the annual meeting with Broderiakademin, with many of the members, in a beautiful town called Örebro. I can’t even count how many meetings I will attend, but there are also workshops, special embroidery exhibits and friends to meet. Örebro is the town to be, I assure you.

Anyway, now you know what I’ve been doing on most of the past weekends, evenings and late nights.

If you are interested in learning a bit about stitching, check this out as well:

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11 Responses

  1. Vad kul! Och grattis! Och vad många järn du har i elden! Jag är alltid så glad om jag får ynka fem minuter här och där (småbarnsmamma trots allt)

    • Tack Carin, ja det blev lite väl mycket just nu, men det blir ju så ibland. Jag jobbar om dagarna så har inte så mycket tid heller just nu, men alltid kul när ett projekt blir nästan-klart och man ser resultatet. :-)

  2. The site looks really good, Hanna. I can’t even imagine how must work and organization it must have taken to accomplish all of that. Congratulations!

    Have fun at the meetings. :)

    • Thanks Jodi! I can’t say I did this site in a very organized way, jumping from one task to another, but in the end, once you go back through everything a couple of times, you can finish even in that way! :-) How is the yearlong photo project going, did you end or take a break (or just not posting about it)?

  3. WOW Hanna,
    I’m so happy that your skills and creativity have come together for such a great organization.
    They are so lucky to have you!!
    xx tj

  4. Thanks for the link. I have just become a member of the guild, however I still didn´t get any information about a group in Uppsala. I somehow find it hard to believe that there is no embroidery group here where I could meet fellow stitchers. Do you happen to know anything about it? Thanks

    • Agnes,
      Welcome to BRAK! :-)
      But no group in Uppsala as far as I know, sorry. All the groups are here. If you want to start one you could ask for member addresses where you live (to contact and maybe become friends with). Everyone who is a member can start a group and invite others! :-)