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Turning the world black and white

These photos are from the same walk as the ones in a love letter to autumn, but these I like better black and white. Especially the bridge above, with the arches making it into repeat pattern. Like the ones you see in a mirror mirroring another mirror… Where does eternity end? I also love black […]

Love letter to Autumn

Dear Autumn, I love how colorful you are – and ever changing. I know you prophesying a much colder season but still you yourself are so full of warm colours and beautiful sunshine. Related PostsA way where before there were non How to Use video to Document Life Walking alone

Thread Nests Artist Trading Cards

I’ve embroidered a few Artist Trading Cards this summer. After a while even small pieces becomes quite a body of work. Little experiments. Artist trading cards as sketches. Thoughts that are not yet finished, and still they are finished work. I love that. Related PostsATC’s for me XOXO I Love You – mini art quilt […]

Un univers potique

I am transparent and writing becomes visible inside me words in invisible ink which appear when the paper is held to the fire! Tomas Transtrmer (in translation) So Katze, a painted cat, was inspired by German, and this page in my other art journal got a French header (inspired by a magazine title from an […]

Broderiakademin | New Webdesign

As I’ve mentioned before I am a member of what I fondly call Sweden’s Embroidery Guild, also known as BRAK. It is a non-profit organisation where I am part of the board and also editor of the member magazine. And now, also webmaster of the site. I am rather proud of its new look as […]

Collage journeys by Jane Davies

Collage is all about taking imagery and materials out of their original contexts, or circumstances, and putting them in new ones. At its best, collage is about recontextualizing materials, giving them new life and new meaning. Jane Davies Today’s post is a book review of Jane Davies book Collage Journeys, published by Potter Craft in […]

Making a fabric journal cover

I’ve been working toward more book binding for over a year now, but it is a very slow process for me because it includes so many steps. First I started to decorate pages made from old envelopes and couldn’t stop. I have so many I will be putting together several awesome art journals this autumn. […]