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Recycled Wool Rose Wreath

I can not believe I have not made a wreath until this year! It’s high time to craft something when you’ve been thinking about it for years, don’t you agree? :-) Ta-daa! As I made this one I decided to document the process and create a tutorial. I hope you like it. A wreath (drrkrans) […]

Summary of recent Inspiration

As soon as I realize that something is vaguely familiar or commonplace, I flip a page and try again the push being to come up with something beyond what I know. Beyond comfort zones, or at least beyond what I am aware exists already. I try to come up with a little bit of difference. […]

Little nuggets of Joy

A few more things that I enjoy. Little things that make me happy and that are worth photographing and remembering. Special gifts. Like getting a miniature pot with a cute pink flower (above), a moving-in-present from a friend. And then having a craft night with wine, paper and lots of laughter together. One evening my […]

Right now I enjoy

I experience the passage of time and the particulars of my surroundings with my physical beingwith my body and mind and the act of making things that reflect my thoughts and feelings is a way of bouncing something back. I am here. I am not just absorbing. I am contributing. This is a dialogue. […]

Raw Art Journaling Giveaway

So glad you all enjoyed my review of the book Raw Art Journaling. I’ve actually got one extra book to give away, courtesy of the author Quinn McDonalds. Edit: the giveaway is closed and I’ve emailed the winner, Anna. Congratulations Anna! Related PostsPrintable vintage Scrap Die Cut Illustrations Making tiny gifts Embroidered Polka Dots | […]

Doodles with a black pen

A whole page filled with fun doodles, in my Moleskine diary. This is what happens when I arm myself with just a black drawing pen (0.5 from Kuretake) and a blank page. Just start in the middle and doodle on. It’s been my favorite thing this entire summer. Related PostsArt Journal Peek: Valentine Doodles Doodles […]