Happy Summer 5 x 5 Lists

Watercolour peony

I decided to make my own titles and write five summer inspired lists today, as a meme of sorts… If you feel like tagging along, then you’re it! :-)

5 favorite things this summer

1. wonderful live music under the open sky (at the festival Peace and Love etc.)
2. Reading novels from the library and from my own collection of unread books
3. seeing my brother graduate and then getting drunk for the first time
4. sitting by the white macintosh computer, having an office (almost to myself) at work
5. doodling with a black pen in my diary, filling a whole page with flowery patterns

5 Fun Summer Projects

1. sewing with dad’s old ties *
2. repainting furniture *
3. revamping my ring binders *
4. moving my blog to a new server, upgrading wordpress, tagging old posts and sorting through the categories once again
5. taking a self portrait every day with my smart phone. I’m on my third month of this project in August! *
* (all of these will be posts on the blog later on)

5 Things to Celebrate

1. moved to a new apartment
2. getting a first real salary in a few days
3. discovering old treasures in forgotten boxes
4. discovering how much of these things I no longer need or want, and feeling great when tossing them
5. having a sponsor for my blog (see link at the top right column)

Watercolour ranuncles
Watercolour peonies in my art journal, you might remember them from my photos in the post about pretty things.

5 things I enjoy especially in the summer

1. iced coffee
2. skirt and ballerina shoes
3. salads
4. sleeping with the windows open
5. waking up with sunshine filling the whole room

5 Summer activities I love

1. taking photos of flowers and the garden
2. yoga in the park
3. long weekend craft time with mom on the veranda
4. going to the beach with friends, throwing ball and splashing water
5. eating lots of strawberries and raspberries – with milk or ice cream. Yum!

I found an old post from 2006 called I’ve got art supplies now. In that post I had written answers to a 5 Things-meme with a few fun titles. I had forgotten all about it until now, but this post was inspired by that one. Re-discovering old posts is fun! I’ve also updated the list of Creative Experiments I want to try today, with links to of finished items that has corresponding posts.

What about you? I hope you have lots of happy summer memories too! I’d love to read your lists, post them on your blog and get back to me. Thanks!

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  1. Great lists, and a great exercise, too, for looking back over the summer. Sounds like there have been some big developments for you (wow, getting drunk for the first time, lol!). I look forward to seeing your project with your dad’s old ties, because my mother just gave me a beautiful pillow she made with my grandfather’s old ties…a real keepsake that I will treasure (and, sadly, keep stored away until my little girls are a little older, and able to treasure it with me!).

    • Andria, did I write that the wrong way? It was my bro who got drunk for the first time, not me, hehe… I’ve been there, done that. ;-) Would love to see the pillow your mom made, it sounds like it could be really cool, thanks for sharing that story!

  2. i love your list! now i’m inspired to wear a skirt and ballerina shoes( i’m blue jeans type of girl).

    celebrate to the fullest! your life is WONDERFUL. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great summer :) I wish I lived somewhere where it was cool enough to sleep with the windows open. I’ve also been loving my local library this summer and reading lots of books!

    • Oh, thanks for your kind comments, you made me smile this morning!

      Janice Mae, I think you’re already like that? Able to enjoy the simple things in life, and if not, you have to practice a little every day. It’s easy! XOXOX

  4. i really like this 5 list blog post. it was fun to see your old 5 lists blog post. i wonder what you will think of this current one yrs from now. Oh, & i’m sure those upcoming self portrait pics are gonna be fun.

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