I’ve filled an index card with a small collage for every day of June 2011. I’ve also added some acrylic paint and scribbles on most of the cards, and some writings on the backside. I’ve enjoyed this project a lot and I am continuing it in July. It became my Art Journal Every Day project too, and my daily summer reminder of what I need to be happy and feel good about my day: creativity!

Index Card 28

I’ve talked before about how the format influences the outcome, and changes the way I create. To me the index cards are the perfect size for filling in one sitting, something I did struggle with when working in m Art Journal. I know the “rules” say I can add just a few words or a doodle to a page to fulfill the idea of “working in the journal every day” but that does not satisfy me at all. I need more time with myy Art Journal, and 10 minutes leaves me more frustrated than before I started! Index Cards are more manageable to me, and therefor easier to work with on a daily basis.

Index card 19

What I like about Index Cards…

There are many reasons that I like working on Index Cards, here are a few of them.

  • the top red line
  • the blue lines
  • that the lines show though and remind me that these cards originally were intended for another kind of use (writing)
  • that there is space for writing on the back
  • that they are already pre-cut and ready to be used
  • the rectangle size (I usually work in a square format)
  • I also like the pile of empty cards that I am feeling full of anticipation towards

Index card 20

What I like about Index Card Project…

    Index Card-A-Day Button

  • I like that there are a thousand different ways to fill an Index Card
  • I like that we are many who is doing this project at the same time
  • I like that every day I find another way to fill the card
  • I like adding a finished card to the pile of finished cards
  • I like that my cards are documenting my days
  • I like that this is a special summer project, and that this summer is feeling fantastic right now
  • I like scanning each card and uploading them to flickr
  • I like checking out what others do in the flickr group

Index Card 27

The last index cards of June (thought I think I’ve missed scanning one of them):

Index Card 24
June 24: midsummer.

Index Card 25
June 25: visiting Dalarna and the Bear Park in Orsa.

Index Card 26
June 26: When in Dalarna I also visited the factory where they make Dala Horses, and took lots of photos (that will be another post later).

Index Card 29
June 29. Bits of this and that from my paper stash that I thought matched and made a nice looking collage.

Index Card 30
June 30. The final one for June.

Would love to hear your thoughts on daily creativity, index cards or summer projects.

Happy Creating in July!

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