What I like about Index Cards

I’ve filled an index card with a small collage for every day of June 2011. I’ve also added some acrylic paint and scribbles on most of the cards, and some writings on the backside. I’ve enjoyed this project a lot and I am continuing it in July. It became my Art Journal Every Day project too, and my daily summer reminder of what I need to be happy and feel good about my day: creativity!

Index Card 28

I’ve talked before about how the format influences the outcome, and changes the way I create. To me the index cards are the perfect size for filling in one sitting, something I did struggle with when working in m Art Journal. I know the “rules” say I can add just a few words or a doodle to a page to fulfill the idea of “working in the journal every day” but that does not satisfy me at all. I need more time with myy Art Journal, and 10 minutes leaves me more frustrated than before I started! Index Cards are more manageable to me, and therefor easier to work with on a daily basis.

Index card 19

What I like about Index Cards…

There are many reasons that I like working on Index Cards, here are a few of them.

  • the top red line
  • the blue lines
  • that the lines show though and remind me that these cards originally were intended for another kind of use (writing)
  • that there is space for writing on the back
  • that they are already pre-cut and ready to be used
  • the rectangle size (I usually work in a square format)
  • I also like the pile of empty cards that I am feeling full of anticipation towards

Index card 20

What I like about Index Card Project…

    Index Card-A-Day Button

  • I like that there are a thousand different ways to fill an Index Card
  • I like that we are many who is doing this project at the same time
  • I like that every day I find another way to fill the card
  • I like adding a finished card to the pile of finished cards
  • I like that my cards are documenting my days
  • I like that this is a special summer project, and that this summer is feeling fantastic right now
  • I like scanning each card and uploading them to flickr
  • I like checking out what others do in the flickr group

Index Card 27

The last index cards of June (thought I think I’ve missed scanning one of them):

Index Card 24
June 24: midsummer.

Index Card 25
June 25: visiting Dalarna and the Bear Park in Orsa.

Index Card 26
June 26: When in Dalarna I also visited the factory where they make Dala Horses, and took lots of photos (that will be another post later).

Index Card 29
June 29. Bits of this and that from my paper stash that I thought matched and made a nice looking collage.

Index Card 30
June 30. The final one for June.

Would love to hear your thoughts on daily creativity, index cards or summer projects.

Happy Creating in July!

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  1. Love your index cards! And love that you found something that works for you! Reminds me of your collage-a-day that you were doing when I first started reading your blog!

  2. I like the size too. Even if I spent the whole day doing other things, I can still take 5-10 minutes before going to bed to fill my index card.
    I love your last one. For some reason, I like grid paper on lined paper… Maybe because they are so similar yet different…

  3. Your index cards are fantastic! I would not be able to choose a favorite from these because they’re all my favorites. I agree with you that this is the perfect size to do daily. I don’t think I’ve spent more than five minutes on most of mine.

  4. Hi Hanna, seems you have been really creative in June. Love your art, and especially your midsummer card. I’m sewing most of the time but the last days I’ve been knitting socks for my husband, and then there is my shower buddy to finish.

  5. Okay now I have to buy some index cards (or steal from work!) I have been following your index project but today it just seems to click with me. So much going on that it would be nice to do a small ‘bullet’ point type project instead of my journal (which is 8 x 8). I always feel like I have to finish a page also (though I feel free to go back to add things later). The blue one with the horse and rain drops and swirls? LOVE IT! Can you give hints on how you did it? Do you have stamps? Just beautiful!
    You know … an index card is easy to put in a printer too to print something off …. hmmm….

  6. I love your index card collages. I like the format too, and so do my two kids (age 11 & 6) who have declared that they don’t just want to do index cards for the summer but for EVER!! It’s fun thinking of things to do on them each day and they have turned out to be a bit of an art journal for me too, capturing memories, thoughts and feelings of this summer. Thanks for sharing yours :-)

  7. i absolutely love that, even on the mostly grey one, you have a bold, tiny splash of bright pink. it’s like a reminder that, even on the days when you’re tired and things are going badly, there’s still something beautiful that can be found – even if it’s something small.

  8. Love your index cards Hanna! Am especially fond of the Dala horse ones (Need to get me some more horses). I keep thinking this would be the ideal format for me, but it will have to be at a later point as baby still takes up most of my time. I have shedloads of old index cards to use though.

  9. Hi Hanna…your cards are outstanding!!! Your mini collages have so much pizazz!!! I agree with everything you said about why you like this project :D

  10. Yep, I agree that these cards are a great little way to get motivated to make art every day, and they are sure addicting! well said, and gorgeous fun cards too!

  11. I love your index cards too! I just came across your blog. I may have to do this myself. Wonderful little expressions of art. I need more art in my life and this looks like a great way to jump start my work. Thank you for sharing.


  12. This is a great idea!! I saw a huge pack of index cards @ Dollar Store & couldn’t figure out why I would need them; now I see why! LOL! Excellent ideas of small pieces of art. I followed Happening on Chaos Ranch here (hi, Sharon – I’m following you!). I’m already seeing creations of mini-collages of magazine scraps! Thanks!

  13. Friday I was going to comment here, but got interrupted, as I often do.
    First, the varieties of your cards always amazes me. Second, I think creating something every day is such a good way to improve, to learn, to relax. I have often thought of doing that for myself, and life is so busy I just don’t know what happens. Something must be cut out of my day, but what?! Maybe sleeping!
    I think this is a good practice. Maybe for my birthday month (September) I can create something every day. The last day of the month I go on a trip, so this would be great timing!
    Thanks for your inspiration. And I’m sorry I missed your birthday!

  14. Hej jag hittade till din blogg idag och har lagt till den bland mina inspirationsbloggar. Wow vad du är inspirerande!

    har en liten fråga: Var kan man få tag i9 datumstämplar som du använt lite här och där? De är så fina.

    • Hej Karin, kul att du hittade hit och vill komma tillbaka! Din blogg är ny men ser också fin ut, härliga foton! :-)

      Mina datumstämplar har jag hittat dels på loppis (man kan ha tur ibland!) och dels på bokhandelns kontorsavdelning, typ Akademibokhandeln eller Swanströms. Prova där. :-)

  15. Tack för snabbt svar! Då ska jag ta en titt i eftermiddag.

    Nej jag har precis startat den nya bloggen efter flytt från karinspenna.blogg.se där har jag bloggat några år och där finns lite mer saker jag gjort :)

  16. Oh, I’m a nut about index cards too! I like to write art ideas on them and put them into a greeting card for my sister. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to use the index cards more than my “idea” notebook… we’ll see, I’ll probably use both!

    Your cards are lovely… like little scrapbook pages!

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