My friend Maria sent me late birthday gifts in the mail. Late gifts are rather nice since you never know when they’ll arrive and therefor they kind of prolong the celebration. I got a little pile of gifts, so pretty (as always) that I just had to photograph them:

Black and white gifts
Three gifts in a black and white polka dotted wrapping paper!

Inside I found:

Birthday gifts
Chocolate, summer reading and a pink “handbag notepad”, the kind that is just perfect for keeping in your handbag you know?

Pink handbag notebook
The inside note says: Pink + Paper + Pen = perfect for you!

Yes, indeed, perfect for me!

And I’m using your gifts Maria! Look:

Tiny painting flower
I’ve painted this tiny painting on a tiny sheet of hand pressed, rather textured, watercolour paper that I got from my friend Maria another time.

The little pile of papers lays on my desk in a pretty little pile, reminding me of friendship and how great those little gifts can be. Those things that are so “perfect” for the right person. A pile of papers for a paper girl is always perfect. It’s just a little painting experiment, but it’s always fun to use good quality papers.