Paper coiled ring and other pretty things

Pink ring
Awesome ring by Robyn Wells.

Robyn sent me this beautiful ring a while back, and because of server problems etc. I haven’t blogged it yet, but now it’s time. It’s custom made for me and I absolutely love it! It’s made out of coiled pink papers encausted inside a silver coloured ring!

I just love everything that Robyn makes, and I’ve been a fan of her art projects and awesome design for a long time. Every new project or idea is simply inspiring and fun. The things she come up with always seam so original (which is rather original in itself). and I adore everything in her etsy shop, where you can find other rings and pendants in this style, plus lots of other cute stuff.

I also won a blog giveaway a few weeks ago. In the mail came this bear:

Lost Bear has found a home
Lost Bear dress
This super cute and beautifully Teddy Bear is hand made by Karen Drayne.

Karen was in the postcard swap and that’s how I found her blog and started reading it. She called this bear the Lost Bear but now she is found, and has found a new home with me. I have never seen such a beautifully crafted teddy up close. It has movable legs and arms and the embroidery on the dress… Isn’t it divine?

In Karen’s etsy shop you will find super cute embroideries that she calls thread drawings. My favorite there right now is Lady Owl Art, super cute! So glad this teddy isn’t lost any more, though she hasn’t got a name yet…

Hope's design
Postcard and a little folded inspiration booklet by Hope Wallace Karney, also won in a giveaway on her blog.

Little gifts from Hope

Hope has a paper shop called Paper Relics that you should check out if you haven’t. Her greeting cards are all super cute with a vintage, super cute style.

Follow your bliss

In the giveaway I got a little miniature journal with journaling prompts, a few bits of ephemera, her business card all tucked in a cute pink paper bag. Even the back of the postcards is cute, with the message Follow your bliss!

Mom's peony bouquet
Mom’s peony bouquet. This is flowers in my taste, I adore these!

These are also a gift but for mom, who got them from there neighbor. I hope mom will plant peonys in the garden next year.

I feel happy to share all these pretty things with you all today, I hope you become inspired by such beautiful crafts! I’m inspired myself, and very grateful to receive gifts like these, little treasures.

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  1. Aren’t you the lucky giveaway winner! Congratulations on all of the goodies. I will have to check out the fun Etsy/web site links.

  2. So much happy news and beautiful goodies and to top it off, a wonderful flower bouquet… I love peonys! Enjoy your goodies Hanna!

  3. I love mail love! And to embroider a little bear on a bear?! fabulous! Thanks for these links. I’m going to follow them and see what happens. Your postcard swap turned me on to quite a few sites I hadn’t known before!

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