Owl Embroidery on Artist Trading Card

The first embroidered Owly

Way back when I did this year’s DIY Postcard Swap I also arranged another swap for some very creative Swedish ladies. We exchanged embroidered artist trading cards. I actually set the swap up via a group on FB, and it worked out just fine with about 35 participants from all around Sweden (plus one in Denmark and one in Finland).

Embroidered Owl 01
I created an applique owl, with embroidery as a first try. I made him just after finishing the ATC Under a Pink Moon using the same tea dyed fabric. Isn’t he adorable?

If embroidery or fabric art is something you’re interested in trying, I highly recommend you do a few ATC:s. It’s just a very neat size to work with, it’s fun to trade them and it’s perfect to experiment and play on an ATC:s. I love making them, and I have a few ongoing right now.

There were quite a a few embroidered ATC’s that was posted on the web, from that swap. Check them out for inspiration: Margot’s ATC, Madde’s (and more by Madde), Kerstin’s, Meta’s, Margareta’s! Isn’t it amazing how pretty and different these little artwork turn out?!

If you like owls, please come back soon. More owls tomorrow!

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  1. The owl is real cute! (Seeing this ATC, I should work with fabric more… maybe start small too? ATC’s are so cool to make!)

  2. I love your little embroidered owl…so sweet! I think you’re right about practicing on an ATC; that’s good advice for trying out any new medium, because you are working on a small scale, but still end up with a great little project in the process!

  3. He’s very cute and what a lovely idea for an ACEO! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. :)xx

    • Hej Måd, vad kul att du hittat min blogg! Vad var det för program på tv där de pratade om ATC? *nyfiken* Jag är med i broderiakademin och du är välkommen som medlem där. Vi har lokalgrupper runt om i hela Sverige och en del aktiviteter. Kolla in hemsidan eller hör av dig till mig igen så hjälper jag gärna till.

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