Embroidered Owl ATCs
MY embroidered owl ATC:s!

Here is the rest of the gang. I got a little owl obsessed (or have I always been?) this spring and kept doing these little cuties. I’ve used about the same form and eye size on all of them, but it’s very fascinated how they all are so different and have their own personality, don’t you think?

All of them: owl atc:s

My favorites are the green owls, but I also very much like the applique one because it is a first try for a bigger work that I did for the embroidery exhibition, where we had a little bird theme going. You’ll see that some other later time, when I’ve taken photos of it.

Embroideried Owls

Thanks for all your sweet comments on applique owl and the blue owl! Urula commented and asked how I do the backing, and a tutorial is coming up, probably next week.

Happy Stitching!