Collage: mister goes gwacka
The mister goes Gwacka!, original collage by iHanna, May 2011. Available now. Sold!

There are so many things I want to write about, blog and images to edit, that I fear my head will explode. Maybe I aim too high, I know that is when I feel I can’t get anything done. It’s just too much that I want to do right now! And it aint’ happening this week, because tomorrow I’m going on a short trip to Gotland.

During the day today I could not concentrate to write anything. My mind is scattered all over the place and even though I really need to focus on finishing quite a few tasks I just couldn’t today. I was clicking around all morning until I just gave up and rested.

I decided to clean the desk and sit outside for a while before leaving for work. I scanned this May collage and added it to my Etsy Shop. It’s titled The mister goes Gwacka! and I love it, you can tell I was in watercolour mood this week.

It’s summerish warm in Sweden this week, and the Magnolia tree is in full and glorious bloom once again (see magnolia images from a few years back).

What is your solution to overwhelm/over load? To start with one task, right? And remember to breath. Once I’ve packed my bag I think I will try to do a short session of meditation tonight. It’s been to long since last.