Gwacka gwacka!

Collage: mister goes gwacka
The mister goes Gwacka!, original collage by iHanna, May 2011. Available now. Sold!

There are so many things I want to write about, blog and images to edit, that I fear my head will explode. Maybe I aim too high, I know that is when I feel I can’t get anything done. It’s just too much that I want to do right now! And it aint’ happening this week, because tomorrow I’m going on a short trip to Gotland.

During the day today I could not concentrate to write anything. My mind is scattered all over the place and even though I really need to focus on finishing quite a few tasks I just couldn’t today. I was clicking around all morning until I just gave up and rested.

I decided to clean the desk and sit outside for a while before leaving for work. I scanned this May collage and added it to my Etsy Shop. It’s titled The mister goes Gwacka! and I love it, you can tell I was in watercolour mood this week.

It’s summerish warm in Sweden this week, and the Magnolia tree is in full and glorious bloom once again (see magnolia images from a few years back).

What is your solution to overwhelm/over load? To start with one task, right? And remember to breath. Once I’ve packed my bag I think I will try to do a short session of meditation tonight. It’s been to long since last.

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7 Responses to Gwacka gwacka!

  1. anastasia says:

    When I’m overloaded, I do a little yoga/meditation time then I write…I get everything out of my head and empty the trash….and then I start to create…it always works!

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, it’s very hard, when you have SO many things you want to do. So many ideas! I make a list sometimes and it helps with anxiety, but sometimes my response to overwhelming ideas and wants is to just not do anything. I think it helps me to get things in perspective.

    Have a great time in Gotland!

  3. MissKoolAid says:

    When I don’t know where to start, I make a list. The problem is that I have lists all over the place so I don’t know which to start with! ;-)

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Caatje says:

    I know how that feels. I am chock full of ideas right now and it feels both wonderful and overwhelming, because you can never do everything you want to (well, maybe if I just drop sleeping all together and live to be 200 years old I could). I am working on an idea right now that I really like (drawing tag sheets and border sheets and stuff for a handmade book), but I just wish it didn’t take so much time to do. I have a whole list of stuff I want to try out and work out after this, but I just can’t get to it right now, so it just sits there on my work table taunting me. Grrr.

    But still, I guess having an overflow of ideas is preferable to having none at all. You will never ever be bored! ;-)

  5. TJ says:

    Mr. Gwacka rocks! I hear you on the overwhelm Hanna. It sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing: changing your scenery and taking a break!

    Lately I’ve been trying to do without laptop and email on weekends. It’s making my Mondays horrible but I seriously need to stop being “wired in” to everything. It just gets distracting and too intrusive. Our brains need to shut off sometimes! Best wishes, xxx tj

  6. agnespterry says:

    okay, so I had to share these websites with you! There are some great quotes, funny stories, and classic pictures that would be great journal fodder in here. (This is just the sort of thing I like.) Today they linked me indirectly to this gem: here – this book was meant to be a serious English phrase book from Portuguese. This is what babelfish must look like to those who speak multiple languages . . . .

  7. April Cole says:

    Wow! This collage page is fantastic! :]
    I have a hard time with unfinished projects, so… I stay focus, get it done, then reward myself for completing the task.
    It could be something simple like… taking a warm bath, going for a run, shop for a treat, etc.

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