Bunting flags makes me happy

Over the years I’ve seen bunting flags many many times. I’ve seen photos of them in all colours, forms and uses all over the blog world. Every now and then new ideas, tutorials and inspirational photos pop up.

Spring Bunting

And somehow they are like cupcakes and owls to me – I just don’t tire of them. Though maybe I’m the last craft blogger in the entire world to create my own? I’m not sure I care, though. I needed to make these and I wanted to share them with you all. There is something so happy about them, don’t you agree? Especially when they can hang outside in a tree, slowly waving in the wind and bathe in sunshine….

It’s like a wave of happiness to me.

Spring Bunting

This year I finally just sat down and printed a template and started to cut out triangles from some of my favorite fabrics!

Super fun!

Easy to do and 100 % gratification for a long time.

They were up on my birthday, and then again on Easter and I’m sure we will use them again soon. Spring is filled with celebrations in my family.

Pretty fabric is like candy

Pretty fabric is like candy. It’s super sweet and you just want to save it for ever. But just like candy it is not a good idea to save fabric for too long. It gives you a bad taste in the mouth, like: why did I buy this stuff? Will I ever use it? It’s taking up space and it’s getting old. No, I say hang it up in all the trees and let your neighbours get a taste of your fabric stash too this spring! Invite everyone and turn the music up!

PS: It’s raining here today, and yesterday Sweden had a lovely snow fall and everyone is confused: didn’t we order spring?

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  1. Beautiful bunting! Great colors, and very festive. I’ve considered some paper versions that I’ve seen online, but I have yet to try it for myself. If I get ambitious with this new sewing machine of mine, maybe I’ll tackle a fabric version, too!

  2. I hadn’t realized we missed your birthday Hanna! Hope it was a terrific day. Your flags are beautiful and you’re right hanging onto fabric is no good. This is a perfect project to display beloved prints…

  3. Hi Hanna! I’m an addict when it comes to all kinds of bunting! Yours it really cheery and summery, I especially adore the triangle made off cupcake fabric! :) I think I might have to sew myself some bunting, too!


  4. Hej Hanna!
    I’ve never made bunting either – apart from crochet of course. I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll make some for when we go to Denmark next… bunting kinda needs to hang in a garden to look its best I think – like yours, delightful! :-)

  5. Seems like I choose a good day to have a look into your blog again:
    Happy belated birthday, my dear.
    May the sun shine on you always.

  6. Hi Hannah, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.. your blog is very colorful and spring-like – and creative. Do you live near Seattle? I moved up to an island north of Seattle from Portland about 10 years ago.

  7. I love theses crafty flags, as well. :-) You remind me that I -need- to make one during this spring, as well.

  8. Don’t worry, you’re not the last crafty gal to make bunting. I haven’t done any… yet. I love the fabrics you used and I think I’ll eventually do the same thing but mine will have to be hung indoors.

  9. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment!

    TJ and anastasia, no problem that you didn’t know about the birthday, I don’t mind if nobody will notice I’m getting older… ;-)

    Donna, I don’t live very near Seattle, I don’t even live in the US. :-) I’m Swedish and that is where I still am. Glad you enjoyed my blog, welcome back!

  10. Oh my goodness! I love bunting flags too! I have some hanging across our fireplace year round! I love the idea of hanging them outside though! We are so lucky to live in a very friendly neighborhood…we all take turns hosting parties…and this year we will host an ice cream social….so I think I know what I’m gonna do for decor! Woo hoo! thanks for always being YOU.

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