The label on my red Grids& Lines sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2010 #moleskine

I filled this red Moleskine sketchbook with “mostly collage and questions” about grids and lines, which was my theme. Today’s post is the last one about this sketchbook also known as “the Sketchbook Project sketchbook”. I almost get nostalgic while looking at these photos…

iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010
My personal library card.

iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010
Green sky on a cloudy day, a favorite pen keeper + gift from my friend Maria.

Writing Lines
Writing lines and little red dots that are lady bugs. What, dots?

iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010
Detail photo of the lady bug illustration. Dots in the grids and lines book? Am I going crazy you ask? Well the image had to be there so my thoughts turned it into another question: What happens when you connect the dots?

Answer: you get a grid of lines!

iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010
Vertical lines of the now filled sketchbook.

Last page of the project done
The last page has a piece from one of my dad’s daily crosswords, maybe as a reminder that facts and information often are presented in the form of rigid school systems, grids and straight lines. And that it’s time to break free from this sketchbook and start a new adventure…

Feel free to visit my sketchbook at the Brooklyn Library in the US, or the whole set on Flickr or the blog posts tagged grids and lines (my theme for this sketchbook) of course.

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