April, a doodle with coloured pencils on a piece of black paper, that I later taped into the ongoing Art Journal:

Doodles in April
Can you believe that April is soon over? Wow, it just swooshed past me!

The right page is watercolour paper. I used water soluble coloured pencils to draw the bunnies, then water to colour them in. I ♥ the soft effect this creates, as learned in the tutorial Bunny Power by Carla Sonheim! This is my favorite one:

Wee bunny

Here is the entire bunny page;

Everybody say: Jump!

It is a rare thing, sketching in my Art Journal, but it happens. I love pages where one sketch is repeated several times, kind of like a trial of different angel… Though my bunnies turned out quite different, so it’s more of a flock of confused individuals.

Wanna draw something but think you can’t? Well, if I can try it so can you! Feel free to jump in!