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Art Journaling Bunny Power

April, a doodle with coloured pencils on a piece of black paper, that I later taped into the ongoing Art Journal: Can you believe that April is soon over? Wow, it just swooshed past me! The right page is watercolour paper. I used water soluble coloured pencils to draw the bunnies, then water to colour […]

Prepped pages in the Art Journal

Mixing pink with dots of yellow, a page prepped and ready to write on. The collage on the right side was made while putting the book together. It might need some writing too, perhaps a list of some sort… A Traci Bunker inspired page, using stamps bought from her. Painting with green and turquoise at […]

Online Learning

Learning new things Lately I’ve been thinking about how I am inspired and how I learn new things. I think written classes can be fun, but I am most inspired with IRL teaching or videos online. I love love love watching other people create! My favorite kind of classes is not posted daily but the […]

I found this super cute notebook…

When I was on one of my artist dates with myself I scored two things that made me really happy in the thrift shop. You know the kind of things that makes you smile as you unpack them when you come home. The first one was the Swedish translation of Tristine Rainer’s book The New […]

One year older, no wiser

Hurray for me! My birthday was yesterday! I am now one year older but no wiser than before. I had plans for posting about my birthday preparations (finally I’ve sewn bunting flags!), to find the time to do a long birthday diary writing session and then edit lots of photos to upload, prep blog posts, […]

Book Review: Creative Bloom with fabric and wire

Have you ever made a craft project combining wire with fabric? And would you believe that those two odd materials together could be combined into several awesome projects that fill a whole craft book? And that that craft book would be totally inspiring? My answers to these questions was “never”, “no!” and “no way!” I […]

The Sketchbook Project | Last Pages in the Grids &

I filled this red Moleskine sketchbook with “mostly collage and questions” about grids and lines, which was my theme. Today’s post is the last one about this sketchbook also known as “the Sketchbook Project sketchbook”. I almost get nostalgic while looking at these photos… Related PostsTraveling Happiness Moleskine Notebook Sketchbook peek: security envelope grid The […]

Notebooks with vintage covers

When I walk around at flea markets I am really drawn to old book covers. Not that I want to read all those dusty books, but the illustrations are often… telling. They speak of another time, before the internet and blogs and all that… I used to turn these book covers into notebooks, spiral bound […]

Collage has Infinite Possibilities

The true pleasure of collage is that it has infinite possibilities. The medium encourages me to experiment with all sorts of materials. Everything and anything can find its way into my work. Mitz Trachtenberg * Kitchen duck, original art collage available. Bursting flower, original art collage by iHanna, available Related PostsInspired by someone who is […]