The Book of Me

I have been thinking about self portraits and how to document me and my life the last month or so. I guess it’s because my 35th birthday is coming up next month (and this blog will be 7 years in the making, believe it or not), plus there is a lot of focus around self based projects and lists etc. in the blogospher. So when I saw that this month’s crusade with the Street Team is about creating an evidence page around ourselves I knew I would dive in head first.

The Forensic Report

Michelle calls this crusade Forensic Self Portrait, and she’s even posted an awesome printable sheet of labels and tags! I love free printables, I even have a inspiration board at Pinterest that is called Printables (the other ones right now consists of Owls, Embroidery and Art Journaling).

The Forensic Report inside

My art journal right now has pretty watercolour papers that I like to draw or sketch on, plus this kind of documentation feels a bit scrapbooky to me… So I decided to make a little mini book for this project, and I’m calling it The Forensic Report! I guess the word “forensic” is relating to the use of science or technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law: a forensic laboratory. The word is from Latin forēnsis, public, of a forum.

The Forensic Report: I think
Within the mini journal there will be “binding evidence” of my existence, though I have yet to fill it with journaling and words. I didn’t have time to do it this weekend! The red labels that I’ve used throughout the pages is from a set of free journaling cards from Avital. It was when i saw those that I decided to make am mini book using brown paper, and attaching everything with the help of my sewing machine!

The Forensic Report
I see: Swedish craft and Dalecarlian horses for some reason.

The Forensic Report Wish List
Wish list page, for making big and small wishes.

The Forensic Report: I know
I know: a lot of things that I sometimes forget that I know…

The Forensic Report
I hear: bird song (not much) and the smattering of the keyboard in use as I write this.

Favorite things
Favorite things: pretty owls (stamps from an envelope) and craft supplies. I don’t even own a typewriter though I wish I did, and if I ever see one like this I will buy it for sure.

I feel
Another favorite thing: book shelves full of books!

The Forensic Report empty page
Room for more journaling about me-me-me.

The Forensic Report: extra pocket
The last page will be a list of my interests, and then on the back cover the corner of the envelope as a pocket to keep the “extras” or maybe I will take the time to write a letter to myself?

The Forensic Report spine
I was going to stitch the spine with pink book binding thread but then I tried running all of it through the sewing machine and ta-da! It worked and was very quick.

The Forensic Report: backside
The last page of The Forensic Report has a pink photo and another of the crusade labels with the text “me me me”, because the most important person in my life is… me! ;-) Be sure to check out the inspiring post of crusade #49 Forensic Self Portrait and if you’re here from the crusade, check out my DIY Postcard Swap and sign up if you feel so inclined. Thanks for your visit!