The Forensic Report Mini book

The Book of Me

I have been thinking about self portraits and how to document me and my life the last month or so. I guess it’s because my 35th birthday is coming up next month (and this blog will be 7 years in the making, believe it or not), plus there is a lot of focus around self based projects and lists etc. in the blogospher. So when I saw that this month’s crusade with the Street Team is about creating an evidence page around ourselves I knew I would dive in head first.

The Forensic Report

Michelle calls this crusade Forensic Self Portrait, and she’s even posted an awesome printable sheet of labels and tags! I love free printables, I even have a inspiration board at Pinterest that is called Printables (the other ones right now consists of Owls, Embroidery and Art Journaling).

The Forensic Report inside

My art journal right now has pretty watercolour papers that I like to draw or sketch on, plus this kind of documentation feels a bit scrapbooky to me… So I decided to make a little mini book for this project, and I’m calling it The Forensic Report! I guess the word “forensic” is relating to the use of science or technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law: a forensic laboratory. The word is from Latin forēnsis, public, of a forum.

The Forensic Report: I think
Within the mini journal there will be “binding evidence” of my existence, though I have yet to fill it with journaling and words. I didn’t have time to do it this weekend! The red labels that I’ve used throughout the pages is from a set of free journaling cards from Avital. It was when i saw those that I decided to make am mini book using brown paper, and attaching everything with the help of my sewing machine!

The Forensic Report
I see: Swedish craft and Dalecarlian horses for some reason.

The Forensic Report Wish List
Wish list page, for making big and small wishes.

The Forensic Report: I know
I know: a lot of things that I sometimes forget that I know…

The Forensic Report
I hear: bird song (not much) and the smattering of the keyboard in use as I write this.

Favorite things
Favorite things: pretty owls (stamps from an envelope) and craft supplies. I don’t even own a typewriter though I wish I did, and if I ever see one like this I will buy it for sure.

I feel
Another favorite thing: book shelves full of books!

The Forensic Report empty page
Room for more journaling about me-me-me.

The Forensic Report: extra pocket
The last page will be a list of my interests, and then on the back cover the corner of the envelope as a pocket to keep the “extras” or maybe I will take the time to write a letter to myself?

The Forensic Report spine
I was going to stitch the spine with pink book binding thread but then I tried running all of it through the sewing machine and ta-da! It worked and was very quick.

The Forensic Report: backside
The last page of The Forensic Report has a pink photo and another of the crusade labels with the text “me me me”, because the most important person in my life is… me! ;-) Be sure to check out the inspiring post of crusade #49 Forensic Self Portrait and if you’re here from the crusade, check out my DIY Postcard Swap and sign up if you feel so inclined. Thanks for your visit!

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  1. This is amazing! I have been stuck on the crusade- I love the idea of a little book! You are always so creative! Love the stitching and colors! Awesome!

  2. Very, very cool mini-book, Hanna ! I love that Michelle’s stamps make a visit there too. A great little document for where you are today.

  3. I love how you sew together your own books! That’s a really interesting way to keep a journal. The whole thing looks so interesting, and sort of vintage!

  4. hanna! how clever! it looks like a passport!!
    love how you stitched together the booklet.
    love how you made pages to document all your many facets.
    love how you used the printables – glad they were useful ;)
    fantastic idea! thanks for sharing your forensic report with the team!
    no doubt you will motivate fellow crusaders to jump in!

  5. Great interpretation Hanna. I love the idea of a book about you and all of your interests, etc. A great keepsake for you to look back on. This would be great to update at different times in our lives to see how we have changed. The free printouts are great too and the owl stamps are so cute

  6. Hi…love that you’re documenting you in such a creative and fun way! I clicked over from Creativity Prompt and am enjoying your work!

  7. LOVE this – I would really like to do something similar and this inspires me to move on it….I think a whole journal of evidence is an awesome idea.

  8. This is a brilliant idea! I tried to fit everything on the two pages of my journal spread, and this little book you’ve made is a fabulous idea! I love it that you’ve left space for your lists and making sure you put lots of YOU in it. I love this idea.

    As for her labels… I printed out several pages! I’ll be using those soon on the older challenges I’m planning to do (there wasn’t room on that spread that I tried to fit everything on-HA). And don’t think I won’t use your little booklet idea! I may stitch the whole book into my journal!

    Thanks for a fun post, Hanna.

  9. it’s fabulous this little ‘me-book’…and of course I love the owls…so happy you recycled them!!!! Thanks for sharing all your little magic ideas!

  10. I love this idea! It’s good to reflect on who we are and where we are, at certain times in life, such as major birthdays. I can see this project being a regular thing, perhaps every few years? So you can see how you’ve changed etc. I also like the idea of sewing brown paper together into a book…might have to steal that!

    ~ Sara

  11. This is amazing Hanna! So love the way you have used the printables and designed your album. I’ve not come across Crusade until now. Was directed by Creativity Prompt. So glad…. it was lovely to see your work! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Interesting project, thanks.

    The brown paper style reminded me of some of the utility documents I’ve seen from World War II. An example would be my mother’s ration book!

  13. Sewn books are so much fun! I want to try this project too. It has been too long since I rolled up my sleeves and got into some serious creative project making!

  14. Hanna – girl, you can make a paper bag look like an evening gown!!
    You are amazing. The mini-format was an excellent idea!! xxx tj

  15. I love this! I just started a project for myself to celebrate my upcoming 49th birthday … 49 by 49 … little postcard paintings of the guardians, spirits and guides operating within my life. Guess it is more of a X Files kind of self portrait project?
    :) Lis

  16. BTW, does anybody else notice how darn cute Hanna’s nails always are? Sorry what a strange comment but I totally see your sweet colors and wonder how you manage to make all this art AND keep your manicure up!

  17. Nice book, Hanna! I like Michelle’s comment that it looks like a passport. I love the “see”, “hear”, “feel” etc. labels, but for some reason I can’t get them to save to my computer. I like seeing how you incorporate stitching into your paper arts.

  18. TJ, wanna know a secret? I have never had a manicure in my entire life. Sad, huh? Have you? If you look close it’s cheap but wonderfully blue nail polish, not covering all of my thumb as it is wearing of as we speak… ;-) But thanks, I do love me some colours!

    Thanks everyone for lovely comments!

  19. Oh, Hannah, This is wonderfull! I’m looking forward to see it full of your swedish words! Love, Nathalie

  20. great little book and great ideas!! i love owls and shelves full of books too! :)

  21. Maybe the bonus of being so creative is that you’re a super good painter and don’t “need” anybody else to paint your nails. Clearly I’ve just gotta get brave and buy some sassy colors…!!

  22. This is just SO cool. I especially like the stitching. And the passport idea!!!
    all I can say is wOW! btw: your nails look great, too.

  23. Hi

    I love the little book you have gotten all ready for your I am sure ‘fun facts!’

    looking forward to seeing them!


  24. Already so many comments on this wonderful post.
    I think that you had a great idea of turning this Crusade into a mini book. I love that you kept it simple to start with. The use of the printables is a great touch (and thanks for the link to the red labels!)
    I hope you’ll have fun filling in the pages and learning more about yourself.

  25. I love that you sewed all the pages together; it looks awesome. Funny that someone else mentioned your nails. I was thinking your nails matched the wee metallic blue spots on the title page :-)

  26. Wow, what a great little book — lots of inspiration here for a new journal-maker like me! Thanks for the link to Creativity Prompts, too!

  27. Loved the book you created. Great idea. I checked out your old knitting post, I am on Ravelry there as well. I just signed up for your newsletter and was sorry to miss out on the postcard swap. I hope to join next time.

  28. Hanna,
    I really love your little “Evidence” book. I will try to make one soon, hope it will be at least half as much fun and interesting as yours.
    The only thing stopping me from starting it now is that I need to clean and tidy up my craft room. I have several unfinished projects going on and all the “stuff I am using for them is cluttering up my work space. Maybe, I should journal about that, huh? Anyone with any suggestions on how not to get too much going at once?

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