Winter fruit on my yuminess list - by iHanna

I write This is soooo yummy! a lot when I comment on other peoples blogs. I think the word yummy is such a perfect one, a yummy word if I may say so. Yummy helps to describe things that are delightful and/or delicious; so good you want to eat it or rather extremely delicious to the eye. I say it in the sense of inspirational, cool, pretty, awesome. On my list of yummy you can find things like:

My Yumminess List

  • typography with letters in all directions or cut up in squares, especially white bold letters on black
  • cream coloured paper tags with white hole reinforcements, you know the kind? I love them as seen on vases, gifts, as labels on boxes or on just about anything. I can’t believe I haven’t made something with tags like that… are they too precious to use?
  • small vases or glass jars of flowers in a cluster together on a table or window sill. just precious.
  • drawings on brown paper, cut out forms of brown paper, doodles on brown paper. plain brown paper
  • a collection of pretty collages or postcards on a white wall, hanging on a line with cloth pins. little arrangements of paper inspiration on a line.
  • painted crumbled tissue paper, half transparent tissue paper in layers, or printed tissue paper like patterns with those lines and random words to guide the sew-mistress
  • oranges and other citrus fruit from far away places that we can get rather cheap here during the winter, like a sprinkle of summer
  • vintage scraps of fabrics patched, mended and sewn together to create a new surface; a metaphor for all creative ideas
  • sentences and words (like these) that feels good like poetry

Now over to you. What is on your list of yumminess?