The Ocean - embroidery

The Ocean Embroidery is a collaboration project with my embroidery group. I created the blue ocean using transparent fabrics that I cut out like waves before I attached them using the sewing machine. That was the start of this pieces, after that it has been touring the homes of ten women who all added their own thing, a fish or maybe a few water plants…

Side angle of the collaboration ocean embroidery

This took about 12 months and when I got it back it was a fun surprise to see how my ocean has grown and flourished during the past year! Isn’t it a colourful and cool embroidery?

I finished it by attaching it to a piece of wood:

Embroidery backside
I think this makes a perfect base and “frame”, leaving the edge white and the embroidery sturdy and in place. Though afterwards I’ve heard that textile art should be left with a “textile feel” and not taut to a frame that gives the work a flat and painted feel… Maybe it depends on what you’re looking for, I will keep the fishes like this and maybe try another style in my next embroidery.

Ocean detail
I think my favorite part is the hook that dangles dangerously in front of the fishes… It’s just the perfect detail to turn the embroidery info a story instead of just a pointless aquarium. What will happen? Will one of those beautiful fishes get caught? And by the way, who through in a coca-cola bottle to litter this marine land?

Ocean detail 2

Lately I’ve been really lucky, and now I’m sitting here waiting for the postman to bring me the embroidered budgie pillow from Karen of Mimi Love blog and then also a super grab bag with stuff made by the very talented Kelly Nina Perkins! Yes, it’s true: I won two awesome giveaways! I only enter giveaways where I really want the stuff that’s been given away and these I’m sure will make me dance around once they arrive. I’ve also received cool wallpapers to play with from blogger and postcard swapper Laila in Norway (who’s post Strategic planner I’ve been meaning to mention – it inspires me right back!).

Painting by Laila
Laila also sent me the cutest little painting ever, as a thank you for what I share on my blog! How sweet is that?! She said she made it thinking of me and as you can see it features a pink H, pearls of wisdom, the ink and feather pen for writing and a golden heart! Talk about being a little overwhelmed over here… So super cute and very “me” indeed!

Get to know iHanna
Oh, and before I go edit some photos I want to direct you to Carina’s Craftblog, if you haven’t been there already recently… She’s interviewed me about the creative process and I really hope you’ll enjoy my answers… Plus, Carina has a awesome blog; she takes gorgeous photos, makes super sweet mandala-like embroidery patterns and is just always full of inspiration! Check her out! The interview is called Getting to know you – iHanna!

PS: Postcarders! everyone should have received 10 addresses in their email by now, for the postcard swap, if not, please contact me pronto!