Yellow in bloom

Last week my Art Journal Every Day check in was the guest post about collecting colours over at Julie’s blog and before that, week 7, it was a questions and answer session with reader questions on art journaling.

So since I haven’t posted anything from my Art Journal for two weeks I have a few things to show today. How about a huge yellow flower in watercolours (above)

Though just one finished spread from this week.

Art Journal week 9
A cat and a bunny girl with a purple dress. Drawn from my mind using pencil drawing that I then coloured with watercolours. The bunny is coloured with mostly one colour, dark purple. I want to play more with colouring with one colour like that, adding different amount of water for sharding.

Smilla Icon
Smilla drawing, watercolour on watercolour paper.

After painting I filled in the lines of the cat with a black thin marker, and made a border. I might write on the page later, but also, trying to not totally fill every page with explosions of colour. White space can also say something, and it is enough with little sometimes.

Bunny Year
Sad bunny girl.

Gray Sleep
Gray drawing made with my manga set of pitt brush pens in gray tones. If you look at both the bunny and cat above they are outlined with one of the gray pens. I have been experimenting with using them together with water colours (when the water colour is dry of course!).

Bed cover doodles
Bed cover detail. Watercolour swirls, and then pitt pen doodles on top of that.

Eye pattern doodle
Eye shaped pattern doodled in front of a movie, then I painted around the shapes to create a patterned page. It’s the second or third “just playing pattern” page that has been emerging in this journal! Where is that going? I’m not sure yet.

Further Inspiration:

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