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Paper Weaving

Have you ever tried paper weaving? That is, weaving with strips of paper… No loom needed. It is super fun I have made a few little paper weavings lately. Just experimenting with strips of paper.; over, under, over, under… Related PostsExplore Colour in a Sketchbook The Sketchbook Project | Last Pages in the Grids & […]

I am Inspired by…

Inspiration is everywhere. In little feet on the floor or cold winter noses that can feel the smell of snow in the air… In the white outdoors or the bursts of colors we collect indoors, to decorate our own spaces with… The Flickr Mosaics I make are all created using Mosaic maker, a free site […]

Today’s Guest Post at Balzer Designs

Julie has this great project that she calls Art Journal Every Day where she posts something about art journaling on her blog every Friday. In my mind that becomes something like “art journal a little every second or third day, and do your best to find time with your creativity”. To me that is what’s […]

Testing the Pitt Brush Pens

For Christmas I got a lot of nice black pens that I’ve been drawing with in the margins of my diary. I also bought myself/got a Manga Set of gray toned drawing pens (along with glue sticks and other pens). Related PostsWeekly inspiration: Mighty Micron I believe I am an Artist Moleskine – make it […]

Winter is my favorite season

The streets are made of ice and the trees are still partly hidden in snow. Spring feels far away but when the sun comes out it makes everything a little brighter even when it is -14 degrees Celsius (6.8 Fahrenheit) outside. When I take my mittens off to snap a photo with my cell phone […]

Valentine Self Love

Happy Valentines day! I love hearts and the colours of Valentine, but this year I haven’t created as many heart inspired things… And nothing photographed and uploaded to the blog until today! Though I know you get valentine overload, so I’m not worried for you guys. This heart above is cut out from a machine […]

Colour Studies in a sketchbook

Thinking about Colour Studies in a sketchbook, this one: Two weeks ago on my art journal check in for week 4 here at the blog which means this week it is already week 6 of this year. I have been really creative taking photos and teaching my first class. And also playing a bit in […]

Under a pink moon

I’ve finished an artist trading card called Under a pink moon. Last year I wove two ATC backgrounds for embroidery, one is orange green the other one purple. The fabrics I used is hand dyed by Kristin Shields. I love all the colours I got from her. I call this ATC Under a pink moon […]