My own Picasso dog

Last night I did this quick drawing after listening to this podcast interview with Carla Sonheim who wrote the book Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists that is on my wish list. It includes 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun, “the Picasso dog” exercise is one of them and in the podcast Carla is giving it orally and it was great fun to do. I am surprised at how much I like my funny looking dog and how very unlike anything else I have ever drawn he is!

I have also listened to the scrapbooking podcast Paperclippings roundtable talk, episode 49: All twelve months, I think I found it via Ali Edvard’s tweeting about it. It was a nice listen, chatty and interesting and inspirational! Check it out if you’re into photographing and documenting your own life.

Lucky iHanna

I have been lucky lately. I won a hand decorated notebook from Swedish Charlotte Netz (with blank pages, my favorite!) and beautiful postcards made by Danish Christine Clemmensen. Australian Vicki wrote to thank me for an article about my travel journal that was published in Mixtapezine! She was inspired by what I wrote in it to start a project for the new year! Wow, all the way to Australia! Plus my German friend, sweet TJ, wrote about the amazing ihanna video on her blog! Thank you for all of this girls, you brighten my days!

Now, go draw yourself a Picasso dog or something!