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Video | The making and baking of Lucia Buns

How to bake the Swedish version of saffron buns called lussebulle around here? Get a cup of coffee, and sit back and watch because I just uploaded the saffron bun baking video. There you’ll see how we do it – … Continue reading

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Hang your Own Artwork on the Wall

The walls that surround me are always filling with things from my drawing board. They are similar to my mind and my work desk; full of many different ideas, colours and forms. They are in different stages, some not quite … Continue reading

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December Daily Ideas

I have some December Daily Ideas & Inspiration for you today. It is easy to be inspired in December. It’s the ultimate count down to the Holidays (for some) and a New Year (for most of us). It’s a time … Continue reading

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Planning for Next Year

Nothing gets a writer more off center than not writing. Julia Cameron My inspiration board right now. I have participated in the lovely project Art Every Day Month during November, and some of the collages from my stack of 30 … Continue reading

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Swedish Saffron Buns a.k.a. Lussebullar

Every year about this time we make a batch of yummy saffron buns. It is one of my favorite traditions even though I otherwise avoid the kitchen. This year I have decided to share the recipe here on my blog. … Continue reading

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Favorite Recipe Cards – free to print and share

* Empty recipe cards (pdf) – print it and fill in your own favorites The recipe for Swedish saffron buns I bake these every December before Christmas. Swedish they are called lussebulle and while I did my own recipe card … Continue reading

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I created 30 collages

Collage number 30. I’m calling it Magpie love. The thirty days of November’s Art Every Day Month is finished and I have made 30 collages that I am very much in love with. When I started I had big plans … Continue reading

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I Am Magic (inspired by 21 secrets)

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe As I’ve mentioned before part of teaching a class with others is that you get to take the other’s classes too, … Continue reading

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