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Time for introspection and Creative Dreaming

God, how exciting. I LOVE the prospect of a new year! Fresh starts, new goals, rejuvenated ambition & no idea what the future might hold – it doesn’t get any better than that! Gala Darling [via] I am thinking about visions, goals, dreams, intentions, projects, daily habits, life designing and such. I have a ritual […]

Progress report on the wool embroidery

A bit more on the Swedish wool embroidery today. The start of this wool embroidery wasn’t a very good one but now you can see the progress. Once the outlines are finished I am starting to fill the flower with different shades of pink. Certain parts are looking really nice, smooth and even, other stitches […]

December Journal in progress

I decided to go ahead and make myself a Christmassy December Journal anyway, even though it was half through December and I really didn’t have the time to do it. Sometimes when there is no time you just have to ignore that and do your thing anyway. Especially if it makes you happy. Sewing papers […]

Picasso dog

Last night I did this quick drawing after listening to this podcast interview with Carla Sonheim who wrote the book Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists that is on my wish list. It includes 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun, “the Picasso dog” exercise is one of them and in the podcast Carla is giving […]

Owl Crayon Rubbings

When you find an interesting texture one way to use it is to make “crayon rubbings”, in that way you make a copy of the protruding parts on a blank paper using a wax crayon. What you do is lay a paper over a textured item (it could be a glass bowl, a woven basket […]

Flick through past photos

When I read Kim’s post Five years in photos I thought it was quite interesting as I just noticed my Nikon d50 camera had its fifth birthday (yesterday) and I have been looking through my photo folders several times lately. Kim talks about Pummelvision, a new website by Jake Lodwick that creates a video of […]

Happy Birthday to my Camera

Today it was five years ago that I bought my Nikon d50 camera, wondering if I did the right thing spending that much money on one luxurious gadget… Now I know it was, no hesitation. More and more people get a DSLR-camera because they are getting cheaper (more compact and lighter) but when I bought […]

Video | The making and baking of Lucia Buns

How to bake the Swedish version of saffron buns called lussebulle around here? Get a cup of coffee, and sit back and watch because I just uploaded the saffron bun baking video. There you’ll see how we do it – step by step. Related PostsVideo | Travel Journal Flip Through Spinach soup in Ume Astrid […]

Hang your Own Artwork on the Wall

The walls that surround me are always filling with things from my drawing board. They are similar to my mind and my work desk; full of many different ideas, colours and forms. They are in different stages, some not quite finished yet but up on the wall to inspire me further. My walls are like […]