Chinese Papercutting

Paper-cut flower
Another idea, inspired by a 21 Secrets Class.

Number 19 on my list of creative experiments to try is Chinese paper cutting, maybe because I already had a plan on how to learn that… Chinese paper cutting is one of the classes at 21 Secrets (last day to sign up tomorrow)! Now at least one of my wanna-try-crafts is checked. Yay!

Papercut butterfly

Emma calls her class Ancient Chinese Papercutting Meets Modern Art Journal, but her patterns are not as elaborate as many of the more impressive papercuttings are, and I’m very thankful for that. In Emma’s class you learn how to cut a paper flower and a butterfly by folding paper, drawing patterns and then cutting away bits using a scissor. Its a bit like cutting snowflakes, but with a different idea behind.

Papercut as stencil

I got this very thin two-coloured origami paper on my birthday a few years ago, and its just been sitting untouched beacause folding paper is not as fun as cut and paste to me. I did try to make a paper crane, but forgot how to do it one second after I finished the folding… hehe. Not my thing. Papercutting is more fun. You have more freedom to elaborate or make mistakes. One wrong turn when folding and you end up with a wrinkly paper, not a paper crane. ;-) Plus, papercutting makes something that is flat, so you can use it both as a stencil and then glue it inside your journal!

2 butterflies
My two butterflies, one stenciled and one paper cut and glued down, enhanced with doodles and pencil marks, some paint and a flower hat. :-) Both summer green, like postcards from summer days.

Here are scanned full pages too:
Stenciled butterfly
Stenciled butterfly.

Papercut butterfly
Papercut butterfly.

Visit Emma’s blog Treehouse Jukebox (what a cute name huh?).

Fun fun fun!

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  1. I love those. They are so bright and cheery. I haven’t tried that “secret” yet, but I’m going to soon. I, too, like that it can be a stencil as well. Very pretty.

  2. Thanks for commenting Kimberly! I haven’t had time to try all the classes in 21 secrets yet either, but I plan to do another one soon! :-)

  3. Well, well, well, leave it to you – m’dear – to think of using it as a stencil as well! Hadn’t thought of that! These are so happy and fun – thanks for the treat.

    I have been paper cutting a bit, myself. I’m slowly snipping up an old book, making Christmas cards lately. If you look real close, you can tell it’s a copy of Jane Eyre. :-)

  4. Genevieve, I didn’t invent it as a stencil, hehe, it was suggested in the class, though I have used papercuts as stencils before. Your papercut Christmas card is oh so beautiful! Love the text-background against the red. Thanks!

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