Art journaling some more darkness

Crying baby
This page is a hodge podge of different things and “darkness imagery” that I really like. The very cool hanging bat is actually in the altered book, so I just painted black around those images. Then I’ve added magazine images, ephemera, labels, printed tissue paper with my own doodle and my own copied and spray painted papers (the letter stencil). I wrote a bit too, with a white gel pen from Sakura. My favorite part though, is the crying baby…

Crying baby – why are you crying? It turned out very spooky I’m happy to say.

Another dark autumn spread that I’m calling “Unexpected visitor”:

Unexpected visit

Both the owl and the bear in the dark cave images are attached with tape in one end so you can flap them up to reveal a “secret” message. Just a little interactive play that I like to do every now and then.

Skeleton love
The skeleton is in love with the darkness, or maybe some skinny girl he met at church…

Take care!

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  1. you always inspire me, hanna, to get my journal out and paint, glue, stamp, and write my day away.. these pages are spooky in all the right ways!

  2. Ingrid, thanks for always being such a great commenter/cherer of me and my stuff! I wish you a great weekend full of art and light, not darkness! :-)

  3. The crying baby is just the BEST! =cD I want that on a T-shirt for next Halloween, hehe. That is so my style! ;)
    I’m very interested in your exploration of darkness because it is so different from your bright, energetic works. May I ask, why all this darkness lately?

  4. U2Kitteh, hehe, crying baby with a black cat under his arm maybe? I think it is the season that is darkening my art journal; dark outside and day of the dead etc. No worries. :-)

    Melanie, you noticed! Isn’t those dirty clothe piles something that belongs to “the dark side” (as is all never-ending-chores)! ;-)

  5. Love this spread! I find the baby really cute, actually! Your art journalling is so much like my mums cooking – she makes it all sound so easy, but then when I try… aaaargh!

  6. Man Hanna, I love your dark side! This is super fun because I think of you as such a sweet Swedish arty girl. Now we know there’s more to you…! Love love love it. Your friend in germany, tj

  7. hej Hanna! Jag gillar verkligen det d?r med art journal. Som dagboksanteckningar fast utan s? mycket ord. ?nskar att jag hade tid och ork att ?gna mig ?t det….

  8. very dark, i do find it interesting that you put the laundry day clip in the collage. a little darker side of realism. obviously a little inner message from you.

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